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Juliet: For those who have been following us on the blog or on our Instagram for the last couple months know that I am on a road trip across USA right now. It’s a lot of driving and I end up listening to a lot of podcasts.

This episode is one of the few where I wanted to share with everybody after listening to it. I immediately sent it over to Annie and asked her to listen to it. We ended up having several great discussions about it, and we wanted to share that with you all.

Before watching/listening to the discussion Annie and I had about the podcast, take 45 minutes to listen to the episode. It’s called This is How You Find Happiness After Sexual Assault from the podcast Women of Impact, hosted by Lisa Bilyeu with guest Alexi Panos.

Here’s our discussion:

Let us know what your thoughts were after listening to the podcast yourself and/or our discussion of it!

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