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Chasing Waterfalls in Fuxing District

Dear Juliet,

As the weather becomes warmer, I’m venturing farther out of my city to discover waterfalls Taiwan has to offer. Last weekend was no different. My friend Daisy and I got on our scooters and made the two hour ride over to Fuxing district where we trekked to two waterfalls, 水簾洞瀑布 Shuiliandong Waterfall and 幽靈瀑布 Youling Falls.

I love riding my scooter in the mountains. Granted it can be a bit dangerous because the roads are narrow and I share the road with cars that want to go super fast, but the views are amazing. The photos don’t it justice at all. I’m always in awe at how majestic mountains are – I’d say it’s one of the best things about Taiwan.

It gets really humid during the summer so just being outside can become unbearable because I end up sweating like I got a bucket of water dumped on me. That’s why jumping in the cool refreshing water feels so good.

The first waterfall, Shuiliandong waterfall, was accessible by an easy path. When we arrived at the waterfall, there was a guy taking long exposure photos of the waterfall. We didn’t want to photobomb him so we took a snack break while we waited for him to finish. The cool thing about this waterfall is there’s a cave behind it that you can go and hang out under. Today was the perfect day to swim because it was sunny so the water wasn’t freezing cold.

We hung out here for awhile and then decided to head towards the second waterfall. This one was a lot harder to get to because we had to walk through water with all our stuff to get to the waterfall. We ended up going the wrong way and crossed a river where we didn’t need to. Face Palm. But that’s okay! It was fun exploring the area regardless.

By the time we arrived at the second waterfall, the sun was starting to set so we didn’t stay for too long. Nevertheless, it was nice to sit and relax to the sound of rushing water.

When we had to walk through water to get to the waterfall, we had to go barefoot because we didn’t have any water shoes. The rocks in the water were either really slippery and dangerous or it hurt a lot to walk on so I’m going to invest in a pair of non-slip water shoes.

I’m excited for my next adventure to explore some more cool spots in Northern Taiwan.



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