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Warhol Museum

Dear Annie,

Andy Warhol is by far one of my favorite museums ever. I can’t believe that I’m saying that because you know that I’m not the biggest fan of museums. I’m bad at appreciating any kind of art that requires interpretation, and I also get bored if I see the same kind of art over and over again (like watercolors and more watercolors).

I’ve been in more museums on this road trip so far than in my 7 years in Boston. Crazy, right?! I figured that it would be good to explore the different kinds of museums out there in the world. I went to this one because the only thing I knew about Andy Warhol were those pop arts, and I wanted to see a lot more of that. That, unfortunately, did not come true.

You get a lot more than just pop art from Andy Warhol. This is a small, multi-level museum that starts from the top floor. My favorite aspect about this museum is that you get a big picture of who Andy is, how his art changed over the years, and other things he dabbled in like film and taxidermy.

I learned so much about Andy. He was multiple things in his life – an artist, a filmmaker, and a fashion model, to name a few. His art ranged from sketches to self-portraits, from still life to paint-by-numbers. You could tell that he had a funny side to him. I forget that about artists – that they are human too, so they laugh and cry, just like non-artists and non-famous people do.

I would definitely recommend this museum to people who enjoy art museums AND people who do not enjoy art museums. Whoever curated that museum did a really great job of making sure visitors got a big picture of Andy and not just whatever pops in your head the first time you hear that name.

xo Juliet

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