Adventures in Thrift Shopping

Thrift shopping is a sport. It teaches you patience because you’ll be looking through racks on racks of items; decisiveness because you’ll find pieces that kind of work and then you have to make a decision on whether you will buy it or not; and ability to move past disappointment because sometimes you will not find anything at all.

Wow, that was real abstract on my thrift shopping experience. Onto the adventure part!

I went thrift shopping this past week with my friends Becca and Sheena. On Friday, I went to Covet, a consignment store in South Boston. On Saturday, Sheena and I were driving around and ended up in this local thrift shop in Manchester by the Sea. And then on Sunday, the three of us went to this huge Savers located in Norwood. Holy heck, I’ve never spent so much time at thrift stores before. I still have a slight adrenaline rush when I think about all the goodies I bought.

If you’re curious about what I bought and how I styled them, check out the video below!

Some things I learned from thrift shopping:

  1. Be picky about your pieces. If an items doesn’t fit properly, think about whether you would actually get it tailored or fix the piece with a belt. If you won’t do those things, then don’t buy it. Like I said before, some things will work and others will not. Even though you’re not paying full price, you’re still spending money and you can’t even return if you wanted to!
  2. Keep a snack around. It’s tiring.


Do you love thrift shopping? Let me know in the comments below!

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