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    International Student in Sydney

    I am finally no longer on crutches! WHOOOO-HOOOO! It's weird feeling weight on my foot again. I'm almost - like - re-learning how to walk again. My suite mate Janus and I start participating in a paid study because they give you money and breakfast, and I need to take whatever I can get.

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    Interning at the Iconic

    My internship at The Iconic has finally come to an end. The experience was very different than any of my other work experiences in America. I learned so much about what I want and don't want in a company and a manager, as well as how I work best.

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    Mis Axilas Duele (My Armpits Hurt)

    Finally went to the doctor's and I'm officially hurt and on crutches. My armpits are in a lot of pain. I wonder if armpits can get strong? Now I'm exploring Sydney and Melbourne in crutches or a wheelchair. It's a very annoying vehicle to maneuver in.

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    Straya Day Part 2!

    It's true what people say: foam parties are gross. I attended one and will never do it again. I also came across my first mini-library where anyone can drop-off and choose a book. I'm excited for next week's adventures: surf camp and Melbourne. Here's to all the fun!

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    Straya Weekend, Part 1 of 2

    The gang and I have been exploring Sydney every opportunity we get. More adventures in Australia: checking out the Sydney Festival, restaurants, and clubs. We also got to play old video games displayed on the side of an old building. Oh Australia, how interesting art thou.

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    I Dislike Gray Days

    Everybody should have a pair of chopsticks to cook with. I grew up watching my mom cook with chopsticks and I live with Asian roommates who all cook with chopsticks, so it's weird when I meet someone who DOESN'T cook with chopsticks. Do you know what I mean?