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    Quick & Easy Recipe: Chicken Quesadillas

    For everyday meals, I love quick and easy recipes. Anything that takes less than 30 minutes to prep and cook means I can get to the best part, eating, as soon as possible. Recently, my mom bought a Cuisinart griddler and my life hasn’t been the same since. It’s multi-functional so you can make different kinds of food like panini sandwiches, steak, and pancakes. The one food I can’t stop making is quesadillas. I’m not a big quesadilla lover, but with this griddler I can see myself eating it for days. To show you how easy it is to make, check out the photos!

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    Food Prepping for Busy Gals

    I am a single, financial savvy woman who is on-the-go quite often. Thankfully, my friend Christine who is currently studying for a masters in medical science is also a quite busy studying, so whenever we meal prep together, we aim to be efficient and effective. Here are some quick and easy recipes we cooked for the week!

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    Halloween-themed Chocolate Bark!

    Halloween is coming up in one and a half weeks. To be honest, besides when I was a kid, I don't really celebrate halloween. I am not creative or original when it comes to costumes and making themed food never crossed my mind. However, this year I suddenly felt an urge to try it out!

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    Thai Red Curry

    In one of Annie’s care packages from several months ago, she sent me Thai curry mixes. I was just craving some curry even though this summer is hot and sweaty, but my stomach wants what it wants. Last time I tried to make curry in a slow cooker, it didn't taste good. This time was a success! Read more to see how I made the curry!

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    Banana Bread for Banana Lovers

    I don’t know about you, but I hate eating squishy soft bananas. Not wanting to throw them out, I looked up some things I could make with ripe bananas. Banana bread was an easy recipe that popped up! If you’re someone like me who doesn’t bake on a regular, but want to make a tasty snack, this is a super easy recipe to follow. Follow along and you’ll be able to successfully make banana bread!