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    Gardens at Elm Bank

    I've been more willing to go out and explore since it's my last month left in Boston. Is that true for most people? When people settle in a place and call it home, they don't feel the urgency to explore the entire city whenever possible. But then once you decide to leave a place, all of sudden there is a long list of things that you haven't done yet.

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    Let’s Explore: Boston (Part 1)

    We are trying our hand at creating travel guides. This initial one for Boston is not the best, but in Juliet's defense, the weather has been really bad in Boston lately and she hates bad weather. Absolutely hates bad weather. But she gave it a good shot, so here we go.

  • Diaries

    Lowell-ite for a Day

    I hung out with my friend Bella and some people that were visiting her. We ate in Allston at a restaurant called Bon Chon, which is known for their Korean fried chicken wings. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of chicken wings. Afterwards, we gave her friends the tour of our alma mater, Boston University.

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    One Long Deep Breath

    Lots of things have been happening: Annie's been doing a lot of work for Operation Smile, and Juliet... has been up to something because she doesn't know how to relax. We had to put time aside just to relax and take deep breaths. One of the perfect places for that in Boston is the Boston Commons.

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    Celebrate Women. Celebrate Movement.

    A light forest was installed on the Esplanade near the Hatch Shell along the Charles River. It responds to each person passing through it by radiating amber hues of light and complementary tones of sounds for everybody to see and hear. Annie, Juliet, and their friend Rebecca went to check it out after a long week.