• homemade chicken quesadillas
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    Quick & Easy Recipe: Chicken Quesadillas

    For everyday meals, I love quick and easy recipes. Anything that takes less than 30 minutes to prep and cook means I can get to the best part, eating, as soon as possible. Recently, my mom bought a Cuisinart griddler and my life hasn’t been the same since. It’s multi-functional so you can make different kinds of food like panini sandwiches, steak, and pancakes. The one food I can’t stop making is quesadillas. I’m not a big quesadilla lover, but with this griddler I can see myself eating it for days. To show you how easy it is to make, check out the photos!

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    First Time Making Cinnamon Rolls

    Sometimes I have the urge to bake things after watching cooking videos on social media. One: because it looks delicious. Two: because it looks easy to make. And three: because it's a fun challenge. Read some of my tips for you first time cinnamon roll bakers out there that will help you succeed!

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    What I Eat in A Day

    My mom flew back to Bangkok for a month, so I was responsible for figuring out what to eat every day. I’m a simple gal. The easier the recipe and the less ingredients I need to use, the better. In this post I share some of my go-to meals and how people grocery shop differently in Taiwan and the US.

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    Less Than 24 Hours in New York

    My friend Enya just finished listening to Tiffany Haddish's The Last Black Unicorn and we were talking about how amazing she is and how we wanted to go see her live in Connecticut. Enya asked if we should just do a day in New York and that's how we ended up on this spontaneous adventure.

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    Longan Cakes

    Sometimes I feel like I don’t know what my purpose is in life. Whenever I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing with my life, I find little things to do that make me feel better like baking for a family member! How do you deal with uncertainties in your life?