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    Latest in Podcasts (April 2019)

    The latest podcasts that I have been enjoying on the road include the story about Theranos (a company that claimed it could run blood tests from a single drop of blood); feel empowered to call out bullshirt with Jameela Jamil; stories that made me want to be more empathetic; and more!

  • Health & Fitness

    My Favorite Cardio Exercises

    Cardio exercise is any exercise that raises your heart rate. Your heart is a muscle so working it makes it stronger! I used to be on the swim and cross country teams in high school so I was in pretty good shape. But the older I get, the more cardio exercise becomes torturous. I want to improve my endurance so I can do physical activity without losing my breath so quickly. But I get so bored of doing the same thing. So I looked for new ways to get my cardio in. Here are three forms of cardio I like to do.

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    Latest in Podcasts (Feb 2019)

    I am a podcast junkie. I usually listen to 1-2 podcasts in the morning as I am waking up, and when I drive anywhere. I have been collecting a lot of podcast episodes, and I want to share them with you. Categorized in many different ways, I have a lot of options, so don't be worried there isn't one for you!

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    A Podcast Episode for Everyone | Discussion

    This is one of the few podcasts that we wanted to share because it is applicable to everyone - male or female, young or old. It’s called This is How You Find Happiness After Sexual Assault from the podcast Women of Impact, hosted by Lisa Bilyeu with guest Alexi Panos. See our discussion, but it's best if you listen to it yourself too!

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    Personal Best Podcast Review

    Personal Best is a self-improvement show where two normal guys find normal people with an eccentric hang up and help them get over it. It's relatable and authentic because the hosts don’t shy away from admitting when something doesn’t go as planned. It’s not heavily scripted, so it’s unlike many self-improvement shows that only talk about the successful big changes in people’s lives.

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    Tiffany Haddish IS the Last Black Unicorn

    If you guys don't know who Tiffany Haddish, well... why the hell not?! I have such a huge human crush on her because this chick is the real deal. Her childhood was rough yet she's grown into an optimistic, confident, loving person. Sit down and let me lead you on the path of falling in love with Tiffany Haddish.

  • Travel & Culture

    My Top 5 Favorites Hikes in Northern Taiwan

    Hiking has become one of my favorite outdoor activities to do in Taiwan. It gives me an excuse to get out of the city and breathe some fresh air up in the mountains. I want to share my 5 favorite hiking spots I’ve been to so far and maybe you’ll find one that you’d like to hike while in Taiwan. Check it out!

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    March 2018 Favorites

    For this month's favorites, we share a few of our favorite Youtube videos from Megan Batoon, Jimmy Fallon and John Oliver. Annie also shares her favorite animated movie of the month that made her laugh a lot. Check it out in this post!