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    Adulting 101: Dealing with Car Accidents (USA)

    I was rear-ended the other day in Atlanta. It could have been worse, but I did get rear-ended and my car needs some fixin' up. I was alone, and did not get all the information I needed because I went into psychological shock. So this is a guide in case I am ever involved in another accident in the future - knock on wood.

  • Finance

    Adulting 101: Intro to Robo-Advisors

    In previous financial posts, I talked about retirement savings accounts. This time, I want to dive into the world of robo-advisors. After a year of contemplating which robo-advisor to go with, I finally made my decision! Check out the post to see which robo-advisors I was contemplating and what I ultimately decided to go with.

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    Adulting 101: What are Your Personal Financial Goals?

    I enjoy doing all this research about personal finance and presenting it to you guys hopefully in a way that is easy to understand and motivates you guys to take action now. I want to also make sure that we put personal in personal finance. So continue to read about my financial goals and I share some questions to get you thinking about yours!

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    Adulting 101: Work Benefits

    It's open enrollment time. YAY! *JAZZ HANDS* Today I'm diving into work benefits in the US. I'm going to divide up open enrollment into the following sections: health and welfare benefits, and retirement benefits. Continue reading to get the full scope of this EXCITING topic.

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    Adulting 101: Retirement Savings Accounts

    Are you a person who knows they should save for retirement, but thinks that it's too complicated so you put off doing so until you have the "time to really sit and understand" what's going on? WELL SIT NO MORE! I am here to start us off on the basics - so join me!