Meet my partners in crime for the next 6 months.

My house buddies are (from left to right) Janus, Jana and Sheena. This is the J-cubeS household–since there’s three J’s, it’s to the cubed power… but change cubed to cubes because it’s plural… get it? It’s just me and my lame humor? Okay then.) We’ve only lived together for one week, but by the looks of it, I don’t think I’ll want to strangle them by the time six months is over (and that’s a good thing).

So what’s this makeshift household like?

  • Clueless in the kitchen. We just mix and match recipes. #4lostbenchesinthekitchen
  • Personalities to the max. New York (Janus) + New Jersey (Sheena) + randomly Asian (me) + the calm one (Jana).
  • Clean. I feel as though I’m the messiest one among the four of us. I compare how our rooms look every morning as I head out to work.

The perfect clip to sum it up:

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