It’s only been 5 days, but it feels like it’s been 2 weeks.

My poor Rainbows. My poor, poor Rainbows. The weather here in Sydney is pretty hot, and so my Rainbows are pretty sticky all the time. Oh, my poor Rainbow.s

But they’re still as comfortable as ever, and that’s why I wear them all the time. I’m going to be sad the day these die and I need to buy new ones.

Some small things that happened to me 5 days of arriving in Sydney:
1) My left contact went down the drain on day 2.
2) Had motion sickness for about 3 days. That was my first experience with it and it is not fun.
3) Accidentally locked myself out of my room for 45 minutes with no pants on. I’m not even going to try to explain myself.

Last time I wrote about The Abercrombie Hotel, which is a bar where they serve $3 tacos and $10 jugs of beer and cider on Wednesdays. The few of us SMG kids who came in on Wednesday went to eat at The Abercrombie, which is fortunate because now it is shutting down. Where are we going to get our $3 tacos now?!

It’s only been the 12 SMG kids alone in this big city. The other kids come in this week. We went to University of Sydney (which Aussies call Sydney Uni) and Kristin, our advisor, gave us a tour. I was feeling pretty bad so I don’t remember anything that happened, but we did take a few photos.

Yesterday, we did the Coogee to Bondi Walk. Man, it was breathtaking! It was just beach after beach and limitless blue skies over vast blue ocean. We stopped at one of the beaches for a swim, and it felt so good. We were a little dehydrated and tired on the way up to Bondi, so we stopped to eat at Bronte Belo. Yes, food is pretty damn expensive here, but they do serve a good-size portion. I ordered avo smoothie and a vegetable wrap and heaven exploded into my mouth. The ingredients were so fresh, so tasty. Just remembering it is making my mouth watery.

What’s on the agenda today:

  • Vodafone to fix my phone
  • Laundry time!
  • Explore

Things that are different between Australians and Americans:
1) Australians drive and walk on the left, while Americans drive and walk on the right.
2) 98% of Australian men are drop-dead-thank-you-heavens-for-this-beautiful-creature gorgeous, but I can’t say the same about Americans.
3) Australian outlets have a little button that turns on and off the power. Smart idea (hint hint, America). If a light is showing, that means the power is on and it’s available for use. Pretty neat, eh?

4) Aussies have a lot of slang. Maccas = McDonald’s. Brekkie = breakfast. Sunnies = sunglasses. Avo = avocado.
5) Coffee is very different in Australia and in America. In Australia, iced coffee consists of ice cream. They also have long black and flat whites, which I haven’t really mastered yet. Hopefully by the end of these six months, I’ll be a walking Australian-American translator.

Till very soon,


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