I Dislike Gray Days

I haven’t been keeping up with the theme of the blog… restless feet… shoes! For that, I’m sorry!

The other pair of legs are Sheena Chatterjee’s, my work buddy. We both intern at The Iconic. I call her Schexy Sheena, but I want to give her some new nicknames. How do you guys feel about Chatty? Cha-cha?

What’s on the menu for lunch today: egg tortillas with tomatoes and cheese! The kitchen equipment BU (Boston Uni) provides us is pretty horrible. The pan is humongous… so large that I can sit two of my heads in there, and I have a pretty big head. And where are the chopsticks man? Us Asians need our chopsticks! We’re not used to cooking with 5,000 different things. We’re a culture that loves to be cheap: one pair of chopsticks can do many things, including cooking, eating, and poking through tiny holes.

Aight, well I have to peace because I have to finish a presentation before 4:30 pm. Wish me luck! BREATHE BREATHE BREATHE…


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