If I Stopped Karate Kicking in My Sleep…

Hello amigos y amigas,

Remember that Galaxy Bruise from my last post? The one I got as a gift from Surf Camp? It’s gone now, mainly because Janus kept telling me to massage it. I don’t think I mentioned that I also hurt my right foot trying to stand up on the surfboard. Apparently I mistook my toes as the bottom of my foot and either strained or sprained them… I don’t know and it doesn’t matter. All I know is that it hurts.

Instead of taking life slow and letting my toes heal, what do I do? Keep on walking, running, crashing into things, and falling off other things. I really don’t think my foot will heal anytime soon. On Monday, I went into work with a bandage on my foot and relaxed a lot; at night, I walked into a man and fell off a chair. Also, I karate kick the wall when I turn in my sleep, and it just so happens that I kick with my right foot. On Tuesday, a smaller limp; I changed my sleeping position so I kick the wall with my left foot, but I wasn’t used to rolling off the bed with my left foot first, so I fell on top my right foot. Oy.

Saturday, February 8th – Walking Adventure, Karaoke, and Heels

Janus and I spent the morning at the Rocks Markets, while Sheena and Jana went to the Surf Competition at Manly. Sometimes all you need is a relaxing morning, you know? In one part of the markets, there was an island of food. There was so much food, it was like Holy Crap I Feel Full Just Looking at It. Their gozleme was bigger than the size of my face! Oh man, just think of all those carbs… Should I feel happy or scared?

We finished the markets in an hour or so, and it seemed kind of pointless just going back to the apartment because that’s lame. So we decided to walk through the Royal Botanical Gardens, which was right next to the water.

During the Drop Bear Cup, one of the photo ops is Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair in the Gardens, so I really wanted to see her chair. It was a disappointment.

What?! Mrs. Macquarie, whoever you are… that’s not a chair. That’s a big rock with an inscription about Mrs. Macquarie Road. Can you feel my disappointment? I was expecting a ginormous wooden chair with beautiful carvings or engravings or something! At least the walk in the Gardens was gorgeous. Chased a lot of birds, even though for the life of me I hate them so much. (I chase them because I hate them.)

Currently there is a city-wide art event called Taronga Wild! Rhinos, where businesses, artists and schools decorate rhino sculptures to be placed around the city. Rhinos are becoming extinct, so after this art exhibition is over, they are going to auction off the sculptures and the money will go towards rhino conservation. My favorite sculptures are the top two: I like the one of the top left because it reminds me of china patterns, and I like the one on the top right because rhinos aren’t supposed look like zebras.

We made the best sandwich ever that night. No cooking necessary, and oh, mama mia, I was in heaven. Sandwiches really  isn’t the food to eat at a date. There’s just too much food to put in the mouth, and everything’s always falling… but it’s okay. In front of the girls, I don’t give a crap. That sandwich… that avocado…the perfect tomatoes… I’m shedding a tear just thinking about it.

At night, Yae Jin and Janus’ friend Wendy came with us to go karaoke! I still feel that karaoke is best when you go with a group of Asian-Americans because then you can sing Asian and American songs. In my mind, karaoke should always entail Asian songs, but since Jana is white and the other girls are different kinds of Asians so it was hard finding a middle ground. We still had fun, though. There was lots of Beyonce and No Scrub and Backstreet Boys to go around.

Afterwards, we decided to hit up World Bar in Kings Cross. It was a pretty bad time, so I don’t want to talk about it. I will say how dumb I was for not taking the night off because I had an injured foot. And I will scold myself for wearing heels.

Sunday, February 9th – Cupid’s Undie Run and Not Watching a Movie

Another thing I decided to do on an injured foot? Run for charity. One thing you guys probably don’t know about me: I don’t wear pants if I don’t need to. It’s a free feeling. So when Janus found the Cupid’s Undie Run where we run in our bra and panties, I said hell yeah because it’s probably one of the few chances I’m allowed to not wear pants in public. Ain’t gonna say no to that. The run was only 1 km, so it wasn’t that bad. We ran for 5 minutes by the water, stopped and did some Jazz-ercise, and ran back to where we came from.

You know what Janus is really good at? Finding free shit to do. Sydney puts up postcards all around the city, advertising events and sometimes giving out free things. Janus goes crazy whenever she finds one of the postcard stands. She found one for a free movie membership and a free ticket to watch a movie, so we were going to watch a movie on Sunday night. Um, let’s first talk about how crazy swanky Australian movie theaters are. You can buy movie tickets and alcohol at the ticket concession stands. Yup, and alcohol.

I’ll never find a movie theater like that in America.

Turns out, they needed to process the membership information for 24 hours before we were able to get our free movie ticket. Total bummer, but we decided to walk back home (which was an hour to an hour and a half away). I didn’t mind walking because it meant that I didn’t have to spend money, but my foot really didn’t like me after the walk. The place we were reminded me of Los Angeles and the suburbs: empty with some interesting stores. There were so many bridal shops, which reminded me of Temple City, California. There was a Chinese medicine store that said “Don’t tell me what’s wrong with you, because I will find out and tell you.” Asians crack me up, man.

Monday, February 10th – Free Tim Tams and Food… I’m Not Going to Say No

I enjoy working at the Iconic because there are always random surprises and fun. Angus, my manager, has connections at Tim Tams and the office turned into a frenzy when we wheeled in a whole cart of Tim Tams. These were mini Tim Tams, which are perfect if you want a small bite of chocolate and don’t want to eat a huge Tim Tam bar. By the way, I tried doing a Tim Tam Slam and failed miserably.

Our floor also had an event: free BBQ! Tori was the Grill Chef, and that’s all I know because I arrived late. Janus and I took so many plates of food back to our room: a full plate of watermelon, a bowl full of corn on the cobs, a bowl of pasta… we pretty much don’t have to cook this week. Me is happy.

Look forward to the next post! This Saturday, we’re off to a wine tour in Hunter Valley and Melbourne with our class!

Update on last week’s Tim Tam Chocolate Slam – It was a big hit in the office! We cut the “cake” into itty bitty pieces because it just had so much chocolate, which turned out fine because we were able to go to most of the departments and spread the love.

And with much love from my heart,

(That’s Kevin. He’s too tall for his own good.)

Photos by Juliet and Janus

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