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Sushi Sun in Gananoque, Ontario

Dear Annie,

I am currently sitting in a dining pavilion at Yosemite National Park, surrounded by maybe a hundred elementary or middle school kids. They are here on a field trip. A FIELD TRIP TO YOSEMITE. Crazy!

As you know, I went to Canada early May with my parents and family friends from Taiwan (post about my entire trip will be up later). We stayed in a little town called Gananoque for a night, and had a surprisingly delicious meal. I remembered to take photos this time!

Restaurant: Sushi Sun
Address: 80 King St E, Gananoque, Ontario K7G 1G1
Parking: We found street parking easily. I believe there is a small parking lot available, but don’t quote me.
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Gananoque is a really small town – it takes less than 10 minutes getting from one end to the other! Small towns are a hit or miss on good food. We initially didn’t want to go to Sushi Sun because we thought, “How good is Japanese food going to be in a small town?” Turns out, very good.

The restaurant is run by an elderly Japanese couple. There were lots of fish details in the interior design, which makes sense because it is a sushi restaurant. It made me feel zen.

Seaweed salad

We were starving by the time we were seated because we just drove up almost 7 hours from Boston, so we ordered several seaweed salads to begin with because it is quick and something to get in our stomachs.

My first favorite dish is the 1000 Gan roll. The tempura on the outside was light and crispy, and I love me some delicious tempura. It was a perfect balance to the rice, smoked salmon and avocado on the inside. Beautiful.

Eel bowl

The eel bowl was good too, although it could have used a lot more rice. My mom used to make meals with eels all the time from cans, so this made me reminisce on those good ol’ days. She never made it with salad, though. It was a good balance of soft and crunchy textures.

Mother’s Day treat: ginger ice cream wrapped in crepe and orange slices

They gave us dessert in celebration of Mother’s Day. This is the second dish that caught my eye tonight. I was worried that the ice cream was too gingery and the taste would be all up in my nose, but it wasn’t. And the crepe wrapped around the ice cream matched the light and fluffy feel.

It was a satisfying meal in this small town of Gananoque. Can’t wait to tell you about the rest of my time in Canada!

xo Juliet

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