International Student in Sydney

No more crutches or wheelchairs anymore – I CAN FINALLY WALK AGAIN! I’m not up to my pre-injury pace yet, but all good things take time, right? The only thing that bothered me during my healing process was that I became the slow walker. I get impatient when there’s a slow walker right in front of me—that’s why I walk in zigzags a lot—and now I’ve become one of those slow walkers. No doubt once I’m all healed I’ll be back to zooming around people again, but I did learn to be more sympathetic during my time as a crippled. Like the old saying goes, “Every cloud has a silver lining.”

As for my first week as an international student at University of Sydney (or what locals call Sydney Uni):

I’ll roll out of bed at 5am for monetary compensation & free breakfast.

Janus and I have decided to participate in a paid study because (1) money and (2) free breakfast. The study is two hours long and only available in the wee hours of the morning, but they have bacon, Nutella, cream cheese and chocolate Rice Bubbles… I can’t say no. The only thing that sucks is that it’s kind of early, so Janus has to see my sleepy-stank face and endure my bitchy attitude in the mornings. (Sorry!)

This is an ongoing nutrition study. We’re given a specific type of food to test each session, and we do each food three times before moving on to the next food item. For our first food, we are given 50 grams of orphan glucose. Sugar for breakfast… just what the doctor ordered.

The Internet in the room is shitty, so I spend this time organizing my planner and thoughts and draft emails and blog posts on paper. It’s nice to be sort of cut off from the world, but I’m pretty sure I’d go crazy if I went longer than 5 hours without synchronizing my life with some sort of technology.

If the campus isn’t a straight line like Boston Uni, then be prepared to see my lost face A LOT.

Sydney Uni campus is gorgeous. It is a mix of UCLA and Boston College, and is completely different from Boston University. I still have to discover all the tunnels and passageways because this is probably the only time I’ll ever get a true campus experience.

Birds still terrify the shit out of me.

There are so many seagulls and ibises (ibi?) on campus. They stare at me like I’m the one getting in their way + they run funny + they can poop while they’re in the air = me freaking out internally.

Australian logic != American logic (!= means ‘not equal to’ in computer coding language; hello, nerd Juliet)

My schedule told me that I had to be at LG32 (room 226). I walk into a building and the first floor is all the 300s classrooms, and because I couldn’t see stairs going downstairs, I thought maybe they flipped the logic and the numbers decrease with each floor. (Makes sense, right?) Go upstairs and it’s the 400s. Looking confused on the flight of stairs facing the main entrance, a mailman comes to my rescue and leads me to the classroom. Before he leaves me, he reminds me that LG means ‘lower ground’. And I go, “Uh duhr, Juliet.” I couldn’t remember what LG meant because whenever I hear LG, I think of the mobile service company. Oy.

Off for more adventures now!

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