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STRONGER with SELF Challenge: Recipes We Tried

Along with workouts that the Stronger with Self Challenge provided, we were given recipes to try out. We love food so this was a great opportunity for us to try out different recipes that we may not have thought of. These were super easy and quick to make so continue reading to see what we cooked up!

Recipes Annie Tried

Cantaloupe with Honey Yogurt & Pistachios

This recipe is very similar to the way I usually eat Greek yogurt and that’s by adding honey. Non-fat Greek yogurt from Costco is bland to me by itself and it’s not my favorite so adding honey gives the yogurt some flavor. Placing the yogurt in half a cantaloupe would yield a prettier picture than the one I took but because I was tracking my macros, I cut them up to measure how much I was eating. Instead of pistachios, I added chopped up almonds because that’s what I already had at home and pistachios aren’t cheap!

Egg in the Hole Grilled Cheese

Out of the three recipes I tried, this one was probably my favorite. Not only was it super easy to make, it kept me full for a good while. They are so delicious! I’m already thinking about making one for breakfast as I’m writing this. One thing I did add was ham to make it a grilled ham and cheese because who doesn’t love a good grilled ham and cheese sandwich?! The egg in the hole just adds a solid protein source to sustain me until lunch time.

Tuna & Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

To be honest, I was a little skeptical about how well this recipe would turn out. The ingredients seemed too simple that I didn’t know if it would taste good or not. Turns out, it’s SO GOOD! My family loved it so much that we had it two nights in a row. A great way to add flavor to quinoa is to cook it in a chicken or vegetable broth. I have only ever cooked quinoa in water in the past and wow, I definitely tasted a difference. I realized this recipe didn’t really need that much seasoning because the tuna itself was pretty flavorful so mixing it in with the quinoa and scallion was enough. Surprisingly this dish was filling for what looks like such a small serving because quinoa is a great alternative to rice.

Recipes Juliet Tried

A mix between Mango Cherry Smoothie and Strawberry Smoothie

I made the following changes to the recipes:

  • I couldn’t find frozen cherries at Trader Joe’s, so I went with a mix of mango and berries.
  • I used almond milk, but skipped the yogurt because I put way too much milk.
  • I also added some matcha green tea powder because I had some around.
  • Instead of peanut butter, I put local Boston honey to help alleviate my allergies.
  • It tasted boring, so I put spritzes of lemon juice as well.

I love fruit juices and smoothies because it’s an easy way to get your servings of fruit in. Also, since I made it myself, I can control the sugar level. It was a great addition to my breakfast!

Tomato Avocado Egg Sandwich

Let’s just say it out loud: I’m not the best at presenting my food.

I usually don’t cook breakfast on the weekdays because I have meetings at 7 AM, so I’m usually out of the house around 6 AM. I made this for lunch instead (yay, breakfast for lunch!) and it was surprisingly filling.

The original recipe called for big tomatoes, but my coworker just recommended me the sun-dried tomatoes from Trader Joe’s, so I went with that instead. The avocado is hiding underneath the egg – why I didn’t think to put it on top, I’m not sure. And because it was lunchtime, I wanted to use up the rest of these chicken meatballs I had in the freezer. Result? Healthy and delicious!

A mix of Quinoa Spinach Salad Pear Goat Cheese and Chicken Quinoa Bowl Zucchini

I’m currently reading this book called The Food Lab by J. Kenji Lopez, and in it he uncovers the science behind cooking and proves how to make home-cooked food faster and just as if not more delicious. There was a chapter about how to cook chicken, so I decided to try that method instead. Um… I didn’t consider how fat my chicken thighs were, and it was still a little bit raw on the inside even though I cooked it longer. I have 2 more chicken thighs to try this recipe on!

The zucchini didn’t turn out so well either, and that’s why I decided to cook spinach for my veggies. Something went very wrong with my attempt, and that’s why it looks like a a bowl of Asian food.

One day. One day I’ll find my signature dish.


Overall, we’d recommend these recipes for you guys to try out! Besides Juliet’s inability to follow directions, the recipes were quick, easy, and delicious. You can find other recipes from the SELF challenge here. If you guys do try any recipes or have other recipes for us to try out, let us know!

-Annie & Juliet

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