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STRONGER with SELF Challenge: 28-Day Fitness Program

We signed up for the Stronger With SELF Challenge. It’s a fun 28-day fitness program for all ages and fitness levels that includes a workout calendar and food recipes. The cool thing about these workouts is they’re all bodyweight exercises, so you can do them anywhere. They can also easily be modified to increase or decrease level of difficulty. If you’re looking to try something new because you’re getting bored of your own workouts or you want an added challenge on top of what you are already doing, then join us and sign up for this challenge! (NOT SPONSORED lol) It started yesterday on April 30th, so it’s not too late!


What do we hope to get out of this challenge?

Juliet: I want to challenge my body in the stamina department, so I’ll be playing around with the amount of rest in between each exercise and circuits. I also want to figure out variations for each exercise so I can challenge my body even more.

Annie: This challenge showed up at exactly the right time. I was starting to feel a bit bored of my current workouts so this program is a great way to add something different to my fitness routine. I hope that by the end of these next four weeks, I feel stronger and reach my personal goal of losing 6 kg (12 lbs).

Will we incorporate other workouts with this challenge?

Juliet: I usually do a personal training session once a week with my friend Enya. My family is also coming to visit me, and we’ll probably be doing some hiking and exercise as well. And if I find time to go to the gym, I’ll just add this on top of whatever I do. This is actually good that there’s a program because when I’m traveling, I don’t have to think about what to do!

Annie: I’m planning on adding this as a finisher on top of my current workout routine, so it should be interesting to see how it all works out!

How much are we planning to stick to the entire plan?

Juliet: I’ll switch around a few days due to personal training, but will try to stick to the workout plan otherwise. I will try out as many recipes, but honestly, I am pretty tired when I get home during the weekdays that I do something super simple like roast veggies, eggs, meat or fish… boom.

Annie: I will try to stick to the workout plan as much as possible, but I will probably switch a few days around if it clashes with my current workout schedule or depending on how I feel that day. As for the recipes, I want to try out as many recipes as I can on the list, but that will also depend on the ingredients that are available in Taiwan! I’ll definitely look into using alternative ingredients where possible.

Some upcoming blog posts related to this challenge:

  • Recipes we tried
  • How we modified the workout plan to fit our own lifestyle
  • How we modified the level of difficulties

We want you guys to do the challenge with us, so sign up – comment down below if you signed up for this challenge. Let’s encourage each other these next 4 weeks!

Annie & Juliet

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