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STRONGER with SELF Challenge: Week 1 Update

We are in the midst of Week 2 of the SELF Challenge, and wanted to check in with you guys.

Truth time: After we saw the workout, we thought that this challenge would be easy. But after the first day, we realized we were very wrong. Both of us have seen and done these exercises before, but the difference is that we go at our own pace and count our exercises by the number of reps. Now that we’re trying to doing as many reps (using good form!) in the allotted time, we definitely feel the burn.

Check out some of our favorite moves from week one and some of the ways we modified the workout!

Favorite move: Fast feet
Favorite day: Day 6 – Bodyweight Cardio HIIT
Favorite move: Airplane lunge
Favorite day: Day 2 – Abs & Upper Body Strength Building

Least favorite move: Jumping lunge
Least favorite day: Day 2 – Abs & Upper Body Strength Building
Least favorite move: Shadow boxing
Least favorite day: Day 1 – Lower Body Strength Burnout

Modifying Level of Difficulty

Remember this: form first. Exercising isn’t a competition to see who can squeeze the most reps in an allotted amount of time. Form is what works those muscles properly and prevents injuries. Even if you do less reps but perfect form, you will definitely feel the burn.

Here is a move we modified to make easier:

Move: Jack Plank
Variation: Jack Plank on your hands

If you’ve mastered the form and you want to make moves harder, it’s easy to do that too! Here is one that we made more difficult:

Move: Plank

This is the foundational plank, where your shoulders are in line with your wrists and your butt is down. You really feel it in the abs after a while.


Variation: Extended Plank

To make it harder, extend your arms above your head. You will feel this in other areas of your abs.


How do you feel after the first week of this challenge? What are some ways you modified the exercises? Let us know down in the comments and good luck with week two!!

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