Straya Day Part 2!

You know what I miss about America the most? Smiles. I love to smile and laugh because… why wouldn’t you? I keep thinking back to the time when I was walking past a Burger King parking lot, and a man was unlocking his car when he locked eyes with me. I gave him my usual smile and kept walking ahead, but he called after me, “Hey! Thank you so much for that. Your smile just made my day.” That’s why I like smiling! But the other day I smiled at a man cleaning the streets and he goes, “Mhm. How’s you going?” or whatever it is Australians say. Excuse me, my smile wasn’t an invitation to possibly hit on me? Other people look at me like they’ve never seen a smile before. Geez louise!

Sunday, January 26th – Straya Day & Scary Canary

Instead of hopping on the Straya Day madness and go to Bondi or Milk Beach for drunk fun, we decided to go check out Manly. We had to take a ferry there, and Sheena and I knocked out on the ferry. There were a large amount of Asians there, and they were all talking so loud I felt as though I was back in Asia.

It was a cold day, which kind of sucked. There was crew racing going on, so we sat down and watched it, but ended up sleeping in fetus position because it was pretty windy that day. Best part of the beach was when Sheena and I were walking back from the bathroom and this kid who looks like he’s in six grade looks at us and goes, “Hey ladies.” Another great moment was when a little boy on a bike passed us, then stopped right in the middle of the road because he wanted to pet an oncoming dog. LOVED IT. Children… too adorable.

We ate lunch at a Swedish restaurant called Fika Swedish Kitchen, which was tucked away in an alley. First, how gorgeous are European women? They have long legs, beautiful eyes, gorgeous hair… most of the time I just go (gulp-omg-she’s-gorgeous). Not to say that I would change anything about me. I’m fun-loving and have beautiful eyes and legs too!

Anyways, I ordered their lunch special: salmon and kale pudding with watercress green apple and radish salad. It was scrumptious! I’m not a big green peas fan, but it really did enhance the taste of the meal. I also ordered a cup of coffee, which is an important moment because I never order coffee.

While waiting for the girls to finish eating, I started scribbling notes on a napkin (for blogging purposes). One of the waitresses saw me do this and handed me a paper bag to write on, and inside, I was screaming, “YOU’RE AWESOME, LET’S BE FRIENDS. I want to work here. Will you hire an Asian?”

I noticed a mini-library on a bookshelf high above the store where you walk in. I asked the waitress what “lanebocker” meant, and she said it’s just a place where people can drop off and take books whenever they want. I ended up taking “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, which I will read on my flight to Melbourne next week. Is it next week? I think so.

At night, we went to Scary Canary because they had a special foam party going on. That was my first and probably my last foam party for a while. It’s fun at the beginning when everything is light and fluffy, but once the party went on and the foam starts to go into your eyes and you start to choke on it, it’s not so fun anymore. The guys there were a little handsy, relative to other Australian places I’ve been to. Even though we bowed out of Scary Canary around 11 pm and headed back home, I had a fun night and was exhausted by the end of it. Oh, and I also broke my shoes.

Let the adventures resume next weekend with surf camp! And hopefully my contacts come soon.


Photos by Juliet and Janus

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