Eco-Journals #2: Stories of My Trash

If you haven’t read Eco-Journals #1, here it is. I find that speaking about my intentions makes me more accountable, even if no one cares or listens. And who knows? Maybe someone is out there who wants to start their eco-journey but doesn’t know where to start. Hi! Me too. Let’s do this together.

The first thing I wanted to do is establish a baseline and figure out how much waste I was producing over one month period. I took pictures of most of my waste before I threw it out. Here’s what I learned:

Travel-sized products are great, but I can do better than lugging around tiny bottles.

Most of my travel-sized products are what I take from hotels when I find myself in one. I don’t usually buy travel-sized products; I like to fill up reusable bottles and label them. The photo below is how many bottles it takes to last me a week! It may because I’m more conscious about what I am consuming, but I was quite annoyed seeing all the bottles I used for one week – and that’s only shampoo, conditioner, and lotion!

I’m so excited to use bar soaps for my body and face once I finish my travel-sized products because:

  1. travel-friendly
  2. more eco-friendly because it’s zero-waste
  3. quality of the products are getting better and better

My eyes are hungrier than my stomach.

It may be due to my current lifestyle with all the moving around and stress from work, but I haven’t been eating as consistently as I used to. I’d skip a meal or not eat when I’m hungry because I’m lazy, and then when I do eat out, 2 things usually happen:

  1. I order too much food and not finish it all.
  2. I bring back leftovers when I do not mean to eat it again.

I only buy single-serve beverages if I also buy food.

I never go to a fast food chain restaurant or a coffee shop and only leave with coffee. It’s always coffee or water and… I also don’t recycle these items properly all the time after consuming the beverages.

Sometimes the water bottles I will keep for when I’m hiking and I don’t want to carry one large gallon of water. I have a reusable water bottle that I love and carry around, but it’s nice to have more water just in case. I’ll use the plastic bottle a couple of times before I throw it out.

I really dislike cooking for one.

I’ve said this for many years, and I will say it for many more: cooking for one sucks. I don’t like eating the same foods day in and day out, but I haven’t mastered not overcooking yet. So many times I’ll cook, have leftovers, put in the fridge, and forget about it. Then when it’s time I have to leave the Airbnb, I’m like, “SHOOT I forgot about this!”

Is plastic a necessary evil?

Plastic is an invention that progressed human life dramatically. I’m sure I listened to a podcast about that somewhere…

Some plastics are good, some plastics are really bad for humans and the earth. I’m going to dive deeper into plastics in a future post. Stay tuned!

There are certain things I love doing that will always involve trash.

Like eating snacks.

Like face masking.

Mostly those two.

Now that I have became more aware of how much trash I produce, let’s get into learning and finding out how I can be better.


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