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Touring the SoCal Food Scene

Los Angeles is known for a lot of different cuisines, so you cannot come without eating out! We had two weeks before heading out on our road trip so we hit up some food and drink spots around Southern California. Here’s what we tried and recommend.

1. Howlin’ Rays

This place is really popular in Los Angeles for its Nashville-style fried chicken. Expect to stand in line! We ended up waiting for about two hours, which we normally wouldn’t do, but we heard good things about the place.

We got 3 things: a box of chicken wings, a chicken sandwich, and fries. These chicken wings were the size of our hands, and we got way too much. If you want to get chicken wings, we think 2 is a decent amount.

If you only wanted to try one thing, definitely get the sandwich. It was a good size, the flavors were all there with the spicy chicken and the pickles to cut through, and it’s much tastier than a box of chicken wings. The fries are delicious straight out of the fryer but can get too salty towards the end, so this is also a great side to pair with the sandwich.

2. Sip Matcha

All things matcha. This includes: drinks, soft-serve, and rice balls. They also have other non-matcha drinks to choose from (although you might as well go somewhere else because the name kind of implies you’re there for the matcha). Juliet got a matcha soft-serve and Annie got a straight-up iced matcha; both were delicious!

3. Genwa Korean BBQ

Los Angeles is known to have some great Korean BBQ spots and this one is no different. This one is not AYCE (all-you-can-eat), but it is well-known for providing the most side dishes known in the KBBQ industry.

There were 4 of us, and we ordered a set for 4. Honestly, it was too much food. Maybe it’s cause we’re getting older and our appetites are shrinking. Our recommendation is if you want to order a set, order one that is for a smaller party.

4. Guisados

Another cuisine that Los Angeles is known for: Mexican food. We heard great things about Guisados and decided to try it out for ourselves! We were not disappointed. The tortillas are freshly handmade and each taco had a healthy portion of stuffings.

5. BoPoMoFo

Another thing that Los Angeles is full of? Boba shops (also known as bubble tea). This one is opened up by Wong Fu co-founder Phil Wang and his business partner Eric Wang. Phil talks about why he opened a cafe in this YouTube video.

Both of us wanted to visit the cafe because we have been following Wong Fu Productions from very early in their careers. Phil and Eric wanted to bring something different to the already heavily-populated boba landscape of Los Angeles, so they thought of dishes like Mapu Tofu Tots (combining American tater tots with a classic Chinese dish).

They did it, and we recommend that you visit if you have the chance.

Let us know what your favorite restaurants are in SoCal or if you tried any of these places on the list!

Annie & Juliet

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