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Snorkeling & Cliff Jumping

I had another awesome Saturday in the sun and water. This time I went to 龍洞 Longdong where there’s a “secret” spot to snorkel and cliff jump. From what I hear, this was a hidden spot that someone found and others knew about it through word of mouth. But then the news caught wind of this place, decided to do a story on it and now it’s super popular = crowded on weekends.

As usual, we took public transportation because I don’t have my Taiwanese driver’s license and my friend doesn’t own a car. The commute was long and if this place wasn’t worth it, I don’t think I would spend this much time and effort to go.

Right by the entrance of the trail to get to the snorkeling area, there are a few rental shops where you can rent life jackets, non-slip shoes, snorkeling goggles, etc. In order to get to the actual swimming site, you have to climb through a few rocks and boulders for about 15-20 minutes depending on how fast you can go while carrying all your stuff and snorkeling gear. It is not fun to walk through if you wear flip flops so make sure you have some sturdy shoes.

Once you arrive, it’s beautiful. On a sunny day like we had, it’d be best to find shade to leave your things. To be honest, there isn’t much shade around that area but if you’re lucky, you can hide behind some of the bigger rocks. We were lucky enough to find shade to put our things and we didn’t fry when taking breaks from swimming.

The water was super clear and there were a ton of pretty blue and yellow fish. I wish I had a waterproof camera to capture all the beautiful corals and fish underwater. You’ll just have to trust me!

There’s a cliff jump that many people were lining up to jump from. I would say it’s about 2-3 stories high. Not too high but definitely still a rush when you jump! You can check out my Instagram post to see me jump here!

8/10 would go again if I had a car.


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