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Savage Restaurant in Saint Louis

My favorite meal so far in the 25 years and some months of my existence. The last time I said that was for a restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts called Juliet. I’m sad that my namesake has been pushed down to number 2, but that’s life.

Welcome to this 12-course dinner experience. It was great food and a lot of wine. I don’t remember every dish because there was a lot of wine. The interior was so chic. There were only 20 seats, and all had a view of the kitchen in the center. I love watching chefs cook.There was no menu. When you walk in and get seated, there’s a small notecard with a table of 2 rows and 3 columns.


That’s it. Make your choice off of that. I chose the 12-course, but I didn’t ask how many wine pairings that came with. It came with 7. Whoops.

Course 1: beet chip & hahahahaha oh my gosh I don’t remember. It was some type of berry with maybe cacao nibs on top?

The chip reminds me of this Asian cracker that restaurants serve if you eat Peking duck dish. The beet chip is not super flavorful (because beets aren’t usually flavorful), but that’s where the dip on the side comes in.

Course 2: radish with moss or bacteria or algae that they grow at the restaurant on top of a sauce that I don’t remember.

Can you guys see how the rest of the course descriptions are gonna go? I was a little nervous about the fuzzy stuff on top, but I couldn’t feel it when I ate it. This made me feel like I was eating a side dish before some Korean BBQ.

Course 3: cheese on top of a green tomato (hidden in picture) with jus. They start preparing the cheese as soon as a customer walks in the door, so I’m assuming this is part of all 3 course options.

The cheese was cool – reminded me of burrata cheese where it’s smooth and creamy. The green tomato was cool. The jus is the best part – it was so good I put plate to mouth to drink the rest up. Maybe not classy looking, but gosh darnit I paid for it! This is the kind of stuff that I want in a ramen bowl: it’s light with enough flavor but not too thick and not too salty and not too oily that my stomach hates me afterwards. Slightly on the sour side – I don’t know if it’s some type of citrus or vinegar? Whoa, I wonder what kind of ramen the chef would make if he did.

Course 4: yeast and some kind of mousse underneath all the stuff you actually see in the picture.

Don’t remember about this dish, so let’s move on.

Course 5: “choke”. I remember the chef saying this had chicken liver too.

The top part was nutty, which I thought was an interesting addition to chicken. Everything was cooked perfectly, and I wasn’t even aware that I was eating chicken. The texture was like… ah! Like cutting into a date – you won’t get a clean cut when you cut into it, but it tasted really good.

Course 6: warm squash with something and ants.

This was my favorite dish, and it’s not cause of the ants. Ants do serve as a great source of protein. I was more in love with the squash because it didn’t look like squash and didn’t feel as heavy as squash. The dish felt like it was hugging my stomach on that cold evening.

Course 7: mullet.

This fish is buttery and smooth and melts in your mouth, and with the oily + creamy sauce, you’re like WHOA HELLO.

Course 8: pheasant.

The outer layer reminded me of when you take fire and burn the top of a crème brûlée. But the outer part tasted more like delicious sesame dessert, and I forgot what the inside was. Pheasant, I suppose. It didn’t taste like meat though, and the combo of pheasant + sesame tasting outer crust + jus = yum.

Course 9: granita.

Don’t remember this one either, except it reminded me of pudding with fruit bits inside.

Course 10: carrot.

This one was cool. It was crunchy on the outside, and when you bit into it, there was a liquid surprise made out of carrots. I could eat more of this dish – just pop them as if they were candy.

Course 11: oats with ice cream.

. . . . . can’t say I remember much about this one either.

Course 12: “strawb”

This one reminded me of that little girl in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory who eats the blueberry and starts to blow up into one. I was a little nervous that was gonna happen. The outside was crunchy like a pillow mint, and there was (I believe) white chocolate on the bottom. A little sweet, a little tart – the perfect ending.

If you ever get a chance to go to this restaurant, GO! And tell me all about it because chef Logan Ely changes the menu about every 2 months.

xo Juliet

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