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Sand Sculptures & Bikes

It was finally a beautiful and sunny day after multiple weekends of rain – I was so excited! My friend and I took a trip to 福隆 Fulong beach to check out the 2017 Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival. Our day started out bright and early at 6:30AM with a 2.5 hour train ride from Zhongli to Fulong. Other people must have been as excited as I was about good weather because there were so many people there.

I was impressed to say the least. The level of detail went into these sculptures blew my mind and I imagined the artists spending hours sculpting them. Some of these structures were so tall that I wondered how the sculptors reached the details at the top of their sculptures. After a few hours of admiring and taking photos of these awesome sand sculptures, we hung out at the beach for a bit.

According to multiple blogs, the popular food to get is their railway lunch boxes. To be honest, there was nothing special about it, but it was cheap and I devoured it because I was starving!

After lunch, we rented bikes and started on our 20km bike ride along the coast. By the time we started biking, it became cloudy – thank goodness – because earlier that day, the sun beamed down at us and it was almost unbearable. The first pit stop along the trail was through the old Caoling tunnel that runs 2,167 meters long. It was the first train tunnel built in Taiwan during Japanese occupation and converted into a public bikeway in 2009.

I really enjoyed the bike ride along the coast. It took us about 2 hours 45 minutes, including stops to take some photos.

The view was breathtaking and the mountains were so big and green that I felt like I was in a movie or something.

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