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Rodin Museum in Philadelphia

During one of my quick lunch breaks, I wandered around the Rodin Museum in Philly. I didn’t have enough time to check out the indoor part of the museum, so hopefully I’ll come back to Philly one day and get to finish the rest of the museum.

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You probably have seen Auguste Rodin’s work before. He’s the sculptor behind the infamous piece, The Thinker. I’m a little dumbfounded as to why I did not take a picture of The Thinker, but oh well. I didn’t. Whenever I step into an art museum with sculptures, I always think about Night of the Museum movies. Does anybody else?

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There are many Rodin pieces, both authentic and replicas, across the world. As I was walking around the garden, I saw a very familiar piece. It took me a while to realize… they have one at Stanford as well!


This piece is called The Gates of Hell. I’ve always been fascinated by people and religion’s interpretation of heaven and hell. This piece was so huge that it was impossible to capture it all in a single photo. The intricacy of the door is insane and was by far my favorite piece in the gardens.

I recommend this museum for art lovers and non-art lovers alike. I fall in the latter category; I’m more of an art liker. For the non-art lovers, this museum is free and Rodin makes some cool pieces. It’s not as abstract as contemporary art, meaning readily understandable.


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