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Restless in St. Louis

In “Restless In” series, Annie and Juliet talk about what they did in a particular city – good and bad. This includes places they visited, restaurants they tried, and activities they did, as well as what they thought of them. Check out other city reviews here.

Whenever someone asks me my favorite cities so far on this road trip, I say “St. Louis is #1” without missing a beat. Nobody has ever talked about Saint Louis to me, and that is a darn shame. So here I am, saying loud and clear: I LOVE ST. LOUIS!

1. There are a lot of places with free admissions, including zoos and museums.

St. Louis is a great place for a family vacation because you can do more with less money. A few places that you can go with free admission include:

  • Pulitzer Arts Foundation
  • St. Louis Zoo
  • S.t Louis Science Center
  • St. Louis Art Museum
  • World Bird Sanctuary

From the list above, I only went to Pulitzer Arts and St. Louis Art Museum because (1) it was cold like Boston-in-the-middle-of-January cold so no zoo or bird sanctuary for me, and (2) I had a limited amount of time and had planned a lot of other activities.

The museums are wonderfully curated and organized. Art confuses the heck out of me for the most part, and the museums did a great job at explaining the intention of the artist. I even bought my first coffee table book from St. Louis Art Museum!

2. City Museum is a must-do activity.

City Museum is best described as a jungle gym on steroids. It is the child of artist Bob Cassilly, a classically trained sculptor and serial entrepreneur. The museum is constructed by materials from the city of Saint Louis, and includes derelict planes, salvaged bridges, and fire trucks.

There are no rules or maps to this massive playground. If you find a space that you can fit through, go for it. I tripped and fell into a hole, then realized there was a whole underground portion of the museum! It’s really really cool.

Some things to know:

  • You’ll get warm crawling and climbing around the museum.
  • Ladies, do not plan on putting your phone in your pockets or hold it in your hand. It’s a pain, so bring a small crossbody bag.
  • Do not go alone. I believe it’s so much more fun if you go with friends or family.

3. The architecture drastically changes as you move westwards from downtown St .Louis.

For me, downtown is the most bleh part of St. Louis. As you move outwards, you’ll see the different eras just by looking at the architecture. Lafayette Park has the Victorian houses, then there’s a lot of places with gorgeous columns, and then another neighborhood where they were really into red brick. I don’t know the names of all the neighborhoods and the styles, but it is something to notice if you are driving around.

Other buildings to check out:

  • Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis (pictures above)
  • St. Louis University
  • Washington University in St. Louis

4. The food is fastastico. I would recommend 90% of the places I ate.

That’s a high passing rate! As I was researching St. Louis, I was surprised at the variety and quantity of cuisines they had. Why is nobody talking about St. Louis?!

My recommended places to go:

  • Savage / American / My favorite meal to date.
  • Nudo House / Japanese, ramen / They have pandan ice cream! They ramen is delicious, but the pandan ice cream is the BOMBDIGGITY.
  • Crispy Edge / Asian fusion, potstickers / Potstickers are what some call fried dumplings. I was very hesitant to try this restaurant because I grew up eating potstickers. It’s good. Each type of potsticker has a different dough and a different filling. It’s a bit pricey because of all the different variety, but definitely worth a visit.
  • Guerrilla Street Food / Filipino / This place started as a food truck, then got so popular they were able to open several brick-and-mortar restaurants.

5. There are over 70 neighborhoods in St. Louis, so there should be no “there’s nothing to do” excuses.

I can’t wait to see how the city grows. I would even consider buying a house there. That’s how much I love St. Louis in the one week I was there.

The people are so friendly here. There’s so much culture from music to film to art. I love St. Louis. I miss it. Take me back!

xo Juliet

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