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Restless in Pittsburgh

In “Restless In” series, Annie and Juliet talk about what they did in a particular city – good and bad. This includes places they visited, restaurants they tried, and activities they did, as well as what they thought of them. Check out other city reviews here.

1. Randyland

I previously talked about Randyland here, so check that out for more information and pictures. It’s free (yay) with merchandise and a tip jar. Sometimes Randy is there working. I ended up going there on a random weekday afternoon, and nobody was around so I got to explore the space by myself. There’s no way that anybody can walk in and come out upset and sad. If you do, let me know and I’ll stand corrected.

2. Bae Bae’s Kitchen

I will crave Asian food wherever I go, and Bae Bae’s Kitchen was great. It’s a casual Korean restaurant with food that you’d eat at home or with friends. You’ve got several options for base, protein, and sides: I went with white rice, bulgogi (thin, marinated slices of pork), and salad. It was very satisfying.

3. Täko

Täko is located in downtown Pittsburgh, which really has nothing except theaters and Point State Park. I wasn’t expecting much from this restaurant, and my oh my! I loved it. Street corn? Flavorful! Tempura rock shrimp tacos? DELICIOUS! Add on a jalapeño margarita? My mouth was on fire, but it burned so good.

4. Warhol Museum

I also wrote a separate post about The Warhol Museum here, so check that out! I find learning about how people got to where they are is so much fun because there’s always something to learn from every one you meet. Sure, I have forgotten most of what I learned from the museum already, but I do remember thinking, “Wow. Andy Warhol is such a hardworking person, and he learned how to pivot so many times in his life. I want to learn how to do that.”

5. Art of Brick

Last on this list is the temporary Art of Brick exhibit currently in Carnegie Science Center until end of January 2019. I also wrote a blog post about the exhibit here. He has several exhibits around the world, so if you are nearby, I highly recommend it because it’s such a different medium to work with.

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