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Another great place to check out in New Mexico! Bisti Badlands is definitely in my top 10 favorite places I have ever visited EVER. At first it looks like vast nothingness, but you have to wander and look beyond the nothingness to find the hidden beauty of the Badlands.

Setting the tone for the day is important. You want to feel energized and ready to tackle your to-do list. But more often than not, I’d wake up feeling stressed because my brain would become inundated with all the things I needed to get done.

May 12, 2019 was the first time in about 8 years where I was with my mom on Mother’s Day. When I was young, Mother’s Day was like any other day. Wake up, eat breakfast, eat Mother’s Day lunch, come home and do our own thing. This year, we actually did something by going to a museum.

I have ever only heard people talk about what to do at the scene of a car accident: gather information on license plate, driver’s license number, insurance policy, and car registration. But do you know what happens after that? This is my experience of dealing with my insurance company.

A look into what happened in Annie and Juliet’s lives from February to April 2019. Juliet passes through several states: Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. Annie talks about how she makes pizza dough, her feelings getting back to the gym and how she’s being sustainable.

For everyday meals, I love quick and easy recipes. Recently, my mom bought a Cuisinart griddler and my life hasn’t been the same since. The one food I can’t stop making is quesadillas. To show you how easy it is to make, check out the photos!

Check out the podcast we enjoyed in May! In this month, we listened to podcasts about murder cases, comedy, self-improvement, and productivity.

New Mexico was a huge shocker for me. I have never heard anybody ever talk about New Mexico, so I had no expectations going in. And thank goodness because I was blown away (in a good way) everywhere I went in New Mexico.

Palm Springs is well-known for being an Instagram-worthy escape and the stomping grounds for music festivals like Coachella and Stagecoach. I never knew what was at Palm Springs besides music festivals and Joshua Tree National Park. This time, I got to figuring out what more is there to Palm Springs?

We go through changes in our lives that require us to reassess what we want to spend our money on. For me there have been two changes: investing in my mental health and this three month US road trip. I don’t spend money on mental health, but recently I realized I needed help. Also with our road trip coming up, money will leave my bank account a lot quicker than I’m used to. I sat down and looked at how to manage my expenses.