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Philadelphia Magic Gardens

This has to be one of my favorite places in Philadelphia: the Magic Gardens. I definitely feel more attracted to colorful artwork than a piece of art where I have to analyze the artist’s intentions in order to understand it. (I’m looking at you, contemporary artists.)

When I first went in, I was like, “Where do I look first?! There’s so much to see!” Isaiah Zagar, the artist, uses a lot of nontraditional materials like bicycle wheels, folk art statues, and pieces of mirrors. I wonder this about artists: How do you know your piece is art? When do you know that it’s complete?

An obstacle I’ve faced so far on the road trip has been my feelings of awkwardness when I want to take a selfie or ask someone to take a picture for me. The solution is get over it and either use my self-timer (which takes a long time to set up cause I’m new at it) or just ask someone to take photos for me. I’m working on it though, and that’s all anybody can ever ask for.

If you want to visit Philly’s Magic Gardens, you do have to get tickets. Your tickets will let you know the time slot when you can go in and check out the place. So don’t forget to book in advance!


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