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Strolling Down Delaware River

If you’re in Philadelphia and looking for something chill to do, I’d suggest taking a stroll down the Delaware River. This way, you see a lot of the places suggested online – like Elfreth’s Alley, Race Street Pier, and Spruce Street Harbor Park – and it’s relaxing! Who doesn’t like relaxing?!

My friend and I started off at Elfreth’s Alley, which is the oldest residential street in America. It’s nestled between Second Street and Delaware River, and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1966.

Then you walk east towards the Delaware River, which is easy to find – just follow the huge bridge you see. That’s the Ben Franklin Bridge, which connects Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Camden, New Jersey. Right next to the bridge is Race Street Pier. It’s an outdoor space where people can relax on the steps and look out at the water. There are a bunch of steps here, so anybody could workout here if they wanted to.

Follow the path south and you’ll end up at Penn’s Landing. There is a tiny ferris wheel over here and some play area. In the summer, they have free outdoor music concerts.

About a 5-minute walk away from Penn’s Landing is Spruce Street Harbor Park, which I highly recommend everyone to check out. It’s got hammocks, life-size games, food trucks, and lots of outdoor space to hang out.

I’ve definitely noticed a change in how I travel. I used to set rigorous and tight schedules from the things I wanted to do, and I would be upset if I didn’t hit up all the things I wanted to do for the day. Now, I’m a lot more easy breezy. I am much more loose and flexible with my planning, and as a result, I’m a much happier traveler. Like hanging out with my friend and strolling alongside the river is something I would have never planned to do even a year ago, but now it’s one of my favorite memories of Philadelphia.

Has your style of traveling changed over time? Let me know in the comments below!


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