Person of Interest: Stefanie Grossano

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I met Stefanie the day that she went over to my friend Sheena’s apartment for a roommate interview. Sheena wasn’t there yet and I was hanging out with her old roommate, so I kind of chatted with Stefanie a bit while we all waited for Sheena.

Well, now she is Sheena’s roommate and I have had the pleasure of hanging out with her on several occasions. One day, I threw out a proposal at her. “Stef, would you be down to do a cooking video for my YouTube?” And then when she said yes to that, I added, “Would you be down to do an interview for the blog I co-write with my friend Annie?” And when she said yes to that, I was like, “YEA GIRL LET’S GET IT!”

I grew up pretty indifferent about society and government. Maybe it’s a culture thing, but also maybe because I did not have many friends who discussed these topics or their views freely, so I just never bothered to care or form my own opinions.

It wasn’t until 2017 when I started to care more because Trump became president, the #MeToo movement is one that hits close to my heart… I suddenly saw so many things wrong with the world that I was overwhelmed. Where do I begin to educate myself? That’s where Stef comes in.

Every time I hang out with Stef, I usually leave thinking about issues that are larger than any individual, like government and humanity. The day we filmed this is no different. I learned so much about her and the things she cares about. A good portion of it is in this interview, but some isn’t because talked for about 7 hours about so many different things.

I hope you guys enjoy the video as much as I had interviewing Stefanie!

(Keep in mind that this is her point of view and that she has come to these conclusions with lots of reflection. Her views may change in the future, but this is how she thinks about the world today. It is okay if you disagree with her. If you must comment on something she said, please come from a good place and seek to have a discussion.)


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