• Diaries

    A Week in My Life: Photo Diary

    Sometimes we forget to take a step back a little bit to appreciate our life and the things around us. I took a few photos throughout the week to capture some things I noticed when I slowed down and observed the world around me.

  • Travel & Culture

    Solo Trip to Big Bend National Park

    The first time I ever go to a national park by myself, and it is one of the most remote parks in the United States: Big Bend National Park. As with any first times, I was nervous. I did as much research as I could beforehand to prepare for anything, but nothing could have prepared me for the experience.

  • Diaries

    Facing My Fear of Failure and Success

    I am on an important self-reflective journey to take back control of my mind and life. Though it’s just the beginning, I already faced my fears multiple times. My fears took over my life by not only creating a lot of stress but also numbing me from emotions. The stress consumed me. What started out as de-stressing by watching YouTube videos and TV shows turned into a distraction and a way for me to run away from my problems. Because of that, I fell into a deeper rut.

  • Opinions

    Latest in Podcasts (April 2019)

    The latest podcasts that I have been enjoying on the road include the story about Theranos (a company that claimed it could run blood tests from a single drop of blood); feel empowered to call out bullshirt with Jameela Jamil; stories that made me want to be more empathetic; and more!

  • Health & Fitness

    My Favorite Cardio Exercises

    Cardio exercise is any exercise that raises your heart rate. Your heart is a muscle so working it makes it stronger! I used to be on the swim and cross country teams in high school so I was in pretty good shape. But the older I get, the more cardio exercise becomes torturous. I want to improve my endurance so I can do physical activity without losing my breath so quickly. But I get so bored of doing the same thing. So I looked for new ways to get my cardio in. Here are three forms of cardio I like to do.

  • Diaries

    Eco-Journals #2: Stories of My Trash

    For the month of March, I went about living my days with no changes, except that I was keeping track of all the trash I produced that month. How much plastic did I go through? Food waste? Containers? This is all so I could have a visual baseline of how much waste I was consuming. Here's what I found out.