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Lessons on Packing from a First Time Backpack Traveler

About a year ago, I bought myself the Osprey Farpoint 55 backpack for traveling, but never had the opportunity to use it. I finally got to use it on my Philippines and Taiwan vacation this summer – more about those travels in upcoming posts – and I definitely got a crash course in how to pack better for my next backpacking vacation.

First off, this is what I packed for my 10-day Asian excursion:

Changes I would make to what I packed:

  • No laptop. I had enough space on all my SD cards to last the entire time. Also, if I didn’t bring my laptop with me, I wouldn’t have lost my laptop charger. The only thing I would have to check is that I can charge my portable charger and other USB devices still.
  • Less makeup. This trip helped me figure out what my makeup essentials are:
    • Concealers – can be used for foundation, concealer, and highlighter.
    • Eyebrows stuff – eyebrows frame the face. Without eyebrows, I feel naked.
    • Blush – can be used for eyeshadow and blush. You can build volume with your blush by using the draping technique.
    • Bronzer – used to warm up the face and not make me look like a pale ghost.
    • Lips stuff – because it’s me, and I love lips.
  • More clothes. I didn’t bring any muscle tanks with me, and I really missed my athleisure wear. Bring what you’re most comfortable with, especially if you’ll be constantly on the move!
  • More extensive travel emergency kit. I did pretty well adjusting to the 12-hour time difference, but my stomach and bowel movements did not. My stomach is still freaking out because it’s very confused as to which country and what time zone we’re in right now. Next time, I will be bringing veggies and fruits tablets to provide more nutrients on top of whatever I’m eating wherever I am, as well as additional medicine (I like this list from Her Packing List).

My essentials from this trip to the Philippines and Taiwan:

Beauty and skincare
Sunscreen for face and body
Lotion for face and body
Body wipes
Sheet masks
Makeup (listed in the previous section)
Hair clips

Camera gear
Floating device
Nikon Coolpix P300
Yi Action Camera
Waterproof bag

Medical kit
Anti-itch medicine (Japanese brands for the win!)
Band-aids to cover mosquito bites to help not scratching them

I think I did a pretty good job packing for my first time backpacking. Stay tuned for posts on my vacation in the Philippines and Taiwan!

xo Juliet

In the meantime, let me know what your essentials when you’re traveling are? Also, any tips you guys have would be helpful!

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