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One Long Deep Breath


I’m not very good at relaxing. I usually wake up earlier than others even when I don’t need to (I have class at 12 pm but I wake up at 8 am). Why? One, I like to get my days started early. Two, when I was at home and would sleep past 10 am, my mom would scold me. But you’ll be glad to learn that this has been a completely relaxing weekend. I even slept till 9:30 am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! (Say what now?!)

On Friday (October 18th), Marina, Annie and I went to Copley Square to check out a book festival. Unfortunately, it packed up early so we walked around the Copley Square farmer’s market (Marina and I bought cheese!) and ended up at the pier in the Boston Public Garden.

It was nice to just watch ducks dunk in the pond and not worry about anything else. Usually I feel unproductive when I’m not thinking about what to do next or re-organizing my life, but I just couldn’t after my brain was shot from four midterms in a week. And it felt so good. I just sat on the pier, happy that midterms were over, not thinking about upcoming project deliverables or work, and tried to soak up what’s left of the good weather.


Like Juliet mentioned, our stroll around the Boston Commons was just what I needed. After being holed up in a room for many hours straight last week, I think I deserved a little fresh air outside of school. It was really nice to just take the time to relax and enjoy the company of friends and nature. I’m so glad that I live somewhere with easy access to parks, cause they’re awesome.

Later on, I traveled back onto campus to help set up for Songs for Smiles, which is an a capella charity show hosted by Operation Smile BU and Terpsichore BU. Operation Smile is an international non-profit organization aimed at raising money and providing free surgeries for children (but sometimes adults as well) who are born with cleft lips, palates, and other facial deformities. This is a cause that I’m very passionate about. Back in high school, I was part of the Operation Smile club, and we did a lot of fundraising for kids in Thailand. I was able to first-hand experience and play with children that were recovering from the surgeries – to see the smiles that lit up their faces was a beautiful thing.

I’m so proud of all e-board & members for putting together this event because it was a great success! Four a capella groups each sang a variety of songs; I thoroughly enjoyed myself as this was my first a capella show at BU. Because we had planned to hold this event during parent’s weekend, it was a great opportunity for people to bring their parents along.

By the end of the night of selling cookies, drinks, and listening to some amazing a capella groups, we were able to raise a total of $575 for Operation Smile! That means that we are able to donate 2 smiles, which is more than I could have hoped for! Great job to all the people that were involved in this project and I can’t wait to see what else we are capable of to raise as much money as possible for those kids.


On Saturday, my friend Zoe and I went to a Blogilates meetup with Cassey Ho at Simmons College. Cassey is a certified pilates instructor and has a YouTube channel with lots of amazing killer workouts. (Check out her YouTubewebsite, and online store.) This was the first time I went to a workout meetup, and I enjoyed every moment. She has such a positive attitude about everything and was a great motivator, I swear she can motivate a snail to move faster.

I gained all the calories and whatever else I burned that night, though. Marina came over and we had Appetizer Night. (We were too busy eating and watching Revenge, so I forgot to take pictures. Sorry!) We had brioche toast with spinach and artichoke dip, something similar to a rangoon but had a mango flavor to it (she called them “Smack-A-Hoes”), and a really thin pizza that Annie suggested. Add it with Revenge, and it was the perfect ending to a relaxed day.

Juliet & Annie
Photos by Juliet and Annie

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