4 Things I’ve Learned So Far on the Road

I’ve been on the road for about 2 weeks now, although it feels like it’s been much longer. There are several things that are different than how I imagined it would be. If you’ve ever gone through a huge life change, you may be able to relate.

It’s easier to get rid of things while on the road than packing for the road beforehand.

I thought I did a pretty good job getting rid of everything I don’t need before hitting the road. There were a couple of items I brought with me because I thought I could make use out of them, but after two weeks on the road, I’m like “naw, bye”. One of those items is my slow cooker. Being limited to the amount of space in my car has helped me let go of things I don’t use as well as stop me from buying things just because I want them.

Side story: I did pick up a nice yoga mat at Target to work out at Airbnbs whenever I did not want to hit the gym or exercise outdoors. I only used it once, and left it behind at an Airbnb. Oy.

The road trip solidified some changes in personal values, which has positively affected my wallet.

I used to buy a bajillion different skincare products because they all did different things and I thought buy now while I can get a discount. I brought everything with me. A few of them expired (by at least 2 years) and I didn’t want to put expired stuff on my face. It was upsetting to throw them away, but I’m finally learning to use what I have and buy when I need. Of course, everybody has a different definition of need. Like do I need serums and essences in order to live life? No. But I love skincare a lot so it becomes my need.

I’m not out exploring almost every day like I originally imagined.

I thought I’d be more of the “I’m on the road, let’s go out and explore on most nights when I don’t have to work”. In reality, my weekdays are very similar to how I lived while I was in Boston. It’s usually Fridays and weekends that I go out and explore.

I still have lots of room to grow into my own skin.

I thought I’d be out in the world, meeting people left and right, and taking lots of photos and videos of my trip. So far… not really. I’m a bit shy in front of strangers, so I try not to do anything that attracts more attention to myself, like talking to a camera or taking lots of selfies. This nervousness is hindering my ability to create good content, and that’s what I really want to do!

A person that I admire (and someone that Annie showed me, actually) is Sorelle Amore, a content creator who has been traveling solo since she was 17 years old. On her YouTube channel, she talks about taking selfies when you’re solo, and I’m like, “I need the confidence to do that!” I’ve got the gear to take good selfies… I just need to do it now.

If you’ve ever made a huge life change, what are some changes in yourself that you’ve witnessed? Let me know in the comments below!

xo Juliet

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