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A Not-My-Birthday Cake for Me

If I had to live in one pair of shoes for the rest of my life, I would choose either Rainbows (flip-flops) or Birkenstocks (sandals). That should tell you what kind of gal I am.

Me and flats? We don’t get along. I only bought this pair of flats to wear to work when I didn’t feel like wearing heels. I only wore them out this past weekend because it was Easter Sunday, my friend Marina requested us to dress nice for Easter brunch, and I didn’t want to wear heels. When I got home, I immediately put these flats in the donation pile because they ripped the skin around the ankles even though I’ve worn them multiple times before. I hate flats so much.

Boston has left winter behind! It was quite warm, and so Marina and I decided to eat outside. One of my favorite warm weather drink is Pimm’s Cup because it’s light and spritzy. If you enjoy mimosas and bellinis, Pimm’s Cup is like their tomboy athletic cousin. Try it!

We started off the Chef’s Board, which included a rotating selection of house made meats and artisan cheeses, seasonal pickled vegetables, and mesclun greens. The cheese, pickled vegetables, and spicy brown mustard were packed with flavor, which blended well with the meats and salad.

Then we got The Salty Pig pizza, which had salty pig parts, mustard, pale ale caramel, and arugula. I love dishes where there is a good balance of flavors and a good ratio of meats, veggies, and carbs. This pizza was almost there – I think there could have been a little more meat and a little less pizza crust.

It also happened to be my mom’s birthday, so Marina and I headed to Lady M to buy cake… for ourselves. Before you start thinking, “Shouldn’t you be buying cake for your mom?” My mom lives in Los Angeles and I live in Boston – how would I get to eat a slice of cake if I bought it for her? Also, it’s just my mom and dad at home. They don’t need all the sugars in a cake and it would take them forever to finish it. It makes more sense to buy a slice of cake for myself to celebrate her birthday, and eat it for her in consideration of her health. Really, I’m just a thoughtful child.

I called my mom at night, and she said my sister told her that I bought a Lady M cake for her birthday. She said after that she really wanted to eat Lady M cake too, but the shop closed already. Good thing I ate a slice for you, Mom!

Till my next adventure!


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