My New Apartment!

My body is so sore because I’m an old grandma. Just kidding. But I did just finish moving into my new apartment! This is my fifth move in six years, and I think I’m getting pretty good at it, if I say so myself.

I was able to move everything except my dresser and bed in 2 trips with my precious Honda CRV, which makes me feel great because it means I’m getting better at not accumulating or retaining stuff I don’t need. *insert dance break*

One of my roommates has stayed in the apartment at least for a year, so she already had a bunch of stuff (like rice cooker and water kettle). There’s no point in me bringing out my stuff too because it would make our already small apartment feel even squishier. Thankfully, one of my friends from back home is going to med school at Boston University, so I told her, “DON’T BUY ANYTHING, I WILL SUPPLY YOU WITH LOTS OF STUFF FIRST! PLEASE! TAKE! THEM!” I was able to put together an entire box of stuff to give her.

In addition to my financial mindset of spending money where it matters (and to me that is experiences), I think also because I don’t see myself staying in one place for a long time that my mindset has definitely shifted towards being a minimalist wherever possible. Sometimes it is hard – particularly to things related to beauty, but I am working on it!

Things I keep in mind when moving or living in a temporary place:

  1. DEEP CLEANSE: A couple weeks before I move, I go through everything and donate/trash things whenever possible. This means clothes, shoes, undergarments, stationary and utensils, kitchen appliances… everything. For clothes and shoes, take this opportunity to get rid of things you haven’t worn in the last 6 months. Heck, get rid of things that don’t spark joy (the Marie Kondo method I mentioned in one of my monthly financial diaries). If you think, “Well but I might wear it in the future…” Nope. Goes in the donate pile.
  2. STORAGE IS YOUR FRIEND: I enjoy putting things into baskets and tubs because it makes it easier to clean and move. It’s also nicer on the eyes because instead of seeing “tons of stuff”, you see “a tub with who knows how much stuff in it”.
  3. HOBO FOR A MOMENT: I set a suitcase aside that I’ll basically be living out of while I move, however long that takes. Normally I put together a week’s worth of clothes, and then start packing everything else.
  4. OTHER TO-DO ITEMS: Go to the post office and fill out a forward mail form. Cut off cable and Internet, gas, electricity, and water bills. Update addresses for all your online orders like Amazon, FabFitFun, and Sephora. I think that’s pretty much it!
  5. EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY: Don’t stress out. Moving is a tiring time, but don’t be stressed out. There are other more stressful things than moving.

Anyways, if you guys are curious about my new apartment, check out the video below!


Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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