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Ever since returning from Thailand, I’ve had this urge to start running again. Maybe it was the fact that it was finally changing weather or maybe it was a way for me to wake up earlier than I normally do, but either way…once I was back, I started running more outside and at the gym.


I used to love running. I remember very clearly the exact moment I first felt fired up about running. Back in elementary school, we were tested to see how fast we could run certain distances and to see if we could improve our times. One day while running 400 meters in second grade, I was on the last stretch of the track (about 100m) when suddenly I heard my friend yell out, “Go Annie!!”. For some reason this gave me the motivation to pick up my pace and sprint the last 100m, beating out the person in front of me and finishing with the fastest time. That was the first time I felt that adrenaline rush from running. Ever since then, whenever we had to do a timed run, I was always one of the top two girls out of our entire grade to finish with the fastest time.

Running became sidelined when college rolled around. My endurance starting dropping and it became something I disliked doing. But now I want to slowly bring it back into my life, especially running outside. I figured since it’s still hot during the day that I would run either at sunrise or at sunset where it won’t be as hot and it wouldn’t be completely dark out either (running in the dark scares me a little bit).

My routine to prepare for a morning run:

  1. Prepare everything I need the night before (headphones, water bottle, sweat towel, fannypack).
  2. Set an alarm (no snoozing!).
  3. Get enough hours of sleep.
  4. Wake up.
  5. Brush teeth and wash face.
  6. Grab a banana to go.
  7. Grab everything else and leave the house!

So far it’s been a week and a half and I’ve successfully gone running at sunrise 3-4 times. I always feel super energized which motivates me to go to the gym right after. However, I’ve definitely felt my energy levels crash a few hours later because of waking up so early. I have yet to figure out how to prevent that energy crash…if anyone has any tips, I’d love to know!

Do you like running? If so, do you like running outside or on a treadmill best?




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