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Each month we reflect on our financial lives because it helps us be more intentional with our financial well-being. We hope that by opening up the conversation, we can break down the social stigma around talking about money. Check out the rest of the series here.

It’s April, which is not only the month of allergies but also spring cleaning. So let’s go through a virtual cleanse of my tangible and intangible items because it all ties in with your finances.

Part 1: Win or Loss

For this first part, I categorize each finance-related event in April as a win or a loss. When you’re studying your financial habits, it’s easy to feel emotionally icky if all you’re doing is identifying areas where you can improve. No matter what, there’s always room for improvement in all aspects of life. Don’t forget to point out your wins as well!

Win: Maxed Out 2017 IRA Contributions

And I don’t feel a pinch financially! That’s the best feeling ever, being able to save more without compromising my lifestyle. I used most of tax returns to max out my IRA contributions, which is fine by me. I never understood or liked the fact that companies would have Tax Day sales. I JUST GOT THIS MONEY BACK, BISH!

Loss: Wasted Money on My Mom

My parents came to Chicago with me, and I thought it’d be fun to try new things like attend a Wrigley Field tour and watch a Second City comedy show – both which costed money and was non-refundable! My mom ended up not going to either. She didn’t explain why she didn’t want to go to either things, but I feel that it’s because she felt self-conscious about her non-American-ness in such American things. Now I know better, don’t invite her to try American things.

Win: Donated Clothes and Makeup

For part of spring cleaning, I went through my entire closet and drawers several times, and put aside about 4 bags of clothes and makeup to give away. This was my thought process:

  • Which clothes do you not wear often because the fit wasn’t right? You could work a little magic with a little double-sided tape or pin, but you really wouldn’t.
  • What do you do when you’re not at work? How do you usually dress? Usually if I’m at home chilling or working, I’m in my pajamas – which is a big t shirt and underwear. Otherwise I try to wear the least amount of layers possible.
  • How often do I wear this piece? Or when was the last time I wore this piece? If it’s been longer than 6 months since I wore it, I put it in the bye pile.
  • Any remaining clothes I had, I put them to the Marie Kondo test. Does this item bring me joy?
  • What makeup items have I bought that isn’t right for me? That pointed to a lot of the Asian makeup because they were all too light for my skin tone.
  • What items do I consistently pass by when I put on makeup?

When I put items in the bye pile, I also said a little thank you to them for serving their purpose in my life – another Marie Kondo act.

Part two of April’s financial diary will come out tomorrow. What were your wins and losses this month? Have you guys done spring cleaning yet? Let me know in the comments below!


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