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Each month we reflect on our financial lives because it helps us be more intentional with our financial well-being. We hope that by opening up the conversation, we can break down the social stigma around talking about money. Check out the rest of the series here.

I didn’t do a Money on My Mind in February because I was feeling bleh about it. So I decided to try something new: taking you guys with me on my one week of finances. Here we go!

Monday, March 19th

6:30 AM – $0.00

In the midst of my morning routine: making coffee, breakfast (honey yogurt and cranberry granola from Trader Joe’s + oatmeal + chia seeds), and putting on makeup. I add a couple of my makeup items to the giveaway pile.

8:12 AM – $173.55

I respond to my parents’ email about visiting Chicago in April, and bought my plane tickets via Chase Travel card benefits. Is this actually giving me lots of benefits? Also got charged for Audible because I forgot to stop my subscription.

9:33 AM – $1.05

I’m craving bread so much – should have added that to my breakfast. Instead, I bought Cheetos from the vending machine. I feel gross after finishing that bag.

9:42 AM – $89.44 (not charged yet)

If you guys didn’t know, I also have a YouTube channel on the side with videos on travel, beauty, and lots of random things. Since I’m going to Chicago, I need to rent a camera! I’ve been using BorrowLenses because they have two locations in greater Boston area where I can pick them up free of charge. I rented the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II camera, which a lot of YouTubers use and rave about.


Got an email that my company match for 401(k) contributions. I’m going to check up on this later tonight!

7:14 PM – $28.99

Gas for my car.

7:43 PM – $22.02

Grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. I had the quiche for dinner. The last time I heated up the quiche, it was lunch in the cafeteria at work. It wouldn’t heat properly, and the entire microwave section has smoking. Whoops.

9:20 PM – $20.00 (not charged yet)

I signed up for a SplitFit class for next Monday. From SplitFit’s PR: “SplitFit is the easiest way to get quality personal training in gyms and studios near you on-demand for $20. Share the cost of the session with up to 3 people and get a custom workout at an affordable price.” I’ve been going with Enya for almost 5 weeks now, and I love our trainer, Jordan. He kicks major ass and I always look forward to our sessions.

Tuesday, March 20th

9:32 AM – $1.39

Just finished watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’s segment on Mike Pence and purchased the Audible version of the book.

6:14 PM – $8.38

Tuesdays are for Chick-Fil-A. Need I say more?

10:42 PM – $4.55

I was driving home from salsa class with Enya, when I passed by Kung Fu Tea, and I thought, “Hell yea, I want a pick-me-up after feeling like I have two left feet in salsa class AND after my car battery died AND Nor’easter Storm Toby is coming tomorrow.” I was in line, and all of a sudden a figure in black came charging towards me, and it was my friends Christine and Daniel! What a coincidence.

Wednesday, March 21st


I spent nothing because I was home all day working and waiting for Winter Storm Toby to come along. It never came…

Thursday, March 22nd

7:42 PM – $38.59

After Enya and I took a SplitFit class with Jordan, we went to B.Good for a quick dinner. Then we bought two bottles of wine and headed over to my friend Eric’s place. Enya and the guys shared stories of Juliet drinking stories. They bonded really quickly.

Friday, March 23rd

5:04 PM – $275.56

If you own a car, you must know what a hassle it is. Gas? Money. Maintenance? Money. And that maintenance money is a whole lotta money. When I got my car, I decided to take such good care of it that it’d last me for a long time. So far, my baby’s doing well. I just got transmission fluid changed, oil changed, motor rotation, and battery service. My baby is good to go for a while now.

Saturday, March 24th

11:52 AM – $16.56

I haven’t seen my friend Rebecca in a couple months because life got a little crazy for the both of us. We wanted to make these raw bar snacks from Aimee Song, an influencer, so we did it at her new place because she just moved in with her boyfriend. Aimee doesn’t have exact measurements of her recipe, and we wanted to double the recipe. That didn’t end up too well, but it’s delicious anyways. Once we perfect it, I’ll definitely put it up here on the blog because they are so good!

I also bought a couple of items for a care package I’m making for Annie.

3:22 PM – $8.18

While waiting for the raw bars to freeze, we went thrift shopping at Savers in Norwood, Massachusetts. It was huge and took us a couple hours to comb through. In the end, I bought two tops and Rebecca didn’t end up buying anything.

Sunday, March 25th

11:32 AM – $28.16

Ran to Whole Foods down the street for grocery shopping. I got kiwis, salmon fillets, and milk because I had leftover veggies from last week.

12:42 PM – saved $31.95/month

I cancelled my gym membership with Boston Sports Club. I’m moving over to Planet Fitness because of… well, I won’t spill the beans just yet. But I’m saving $7/month on gym membership! Don’t hate – savings are savings.

6:13 PM – $8.72

Cooked with Stefanie and Sheena for dinner today. We made three recipes from Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook, Cravings: zucchini fries, lettuce wraps, and sesame chicken noodles. All very delicious and easy! Too bad I didn’t take any photos. I’m pretty exhausted and ready to wipe out.

So that’s my week in finances! I’ll do this again some other week as well.

xo Juliet

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