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Each month we reflect on our financial lives because it helps us be more intentional with our financial well-being. We hope that by opening up the conversation, we can break down the social stigma around talking about money. Check out the rest of the series here.

It’s been a crazy month. I went to London for 9 days at the beginning of May, and to Grand Canyon at the end of May. I didn’t spend much time in my Boston apartment, so that had a big impact on my expenses this month.

May 2017 Expenses

Category Total Amount April 2017’s Amount Notes
Gas & tolls






Public transportation, Uber, and Lyft



Eating out












Includes gym, student loans, Spotify, Grand Canyon, car insurance, phone bill,

(over by $1,484.98)

(over by $333.35)

Some notes for May:

  • I spent $656.24 in London.
    • I gave myself an arbitrary budget for London of $400, and I WAS OH SO CLOSE! I could have only spent $408.67 in London, except for the fact that I went to the wrong airport and had to buy another flight home. I hate that I wasn’t more careful, but I can promise you I will never make this mistake again because… oh man, I’m really upset at myself right now.
  • Every time I go back home to California, I write a check to my mom for expenses she pays first for me because I’m on a family plan (i.e., car insurance and phone bills). This time, I am writing a check of $919 for car insurance, phone bills, and Grand Canyon that she will cash in at a future date. I should have included phone bill and car insurance for each month, so I started doing that this month.
  • Decreased Spotify payments from $10 to $5.00/month by creating a Spotify Family with two of my friends. FYI: If you do create a Spotify Family, you can only do it with people in the same country!
  • Starting to hunt for a new place to stay starting in September 2018: my goal is to decrease apartment rent to $850 or lower. Lately I’ve been thinking about lifestyle inflation, which is when your standard of living increases as your income increases. I feel like my lifestyle has inflated over the last 2 years, and I’m ready to get back to the hustling mindset.

I had a list of action items from last month – did I do them?

  1. Paying off all credit card balances: Nope. I did pay off all my credit card balances for the billing cycle, but I didn’t pay off so all the balances are at $0. It’s still a goal though!
  2. 10% of paycheck in savings and 15% in other accounts: Nope. I would like to know how much I’ve already contributed to my IRAs, but they don’t make it that easy. This weekend’s work!

Self-reflection time:

  • Next month I’ll still give myself a budget of $650, but really, I have to be super stingy about how I spend my money. Time to get creative with activities, cooking, and more!
  • Similar action items from May for June: (1) pay off all credit card balances, and (2) 10% of paycheck in savings and 5% in other accounts.

Final words?

I’m still really upset I went to the wrong airport in London. You’ll really learn a lesson if it hits you where it hurts, and for me, that almost always means a financial pain. GAHDAMBIT!

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