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Making Mini Apple Crumble Pies

Can you believe that fall is almost over?! My friend Becca and I made mini apple crumble pies a couple weeks ago, and it was pretty damn good that I wanted to share it with you guys!

Here is the original recipe from Noble Pig. We followed everything almost to a T, until I screwed up one of the sugar measurements. Whoops.

Becca and I used the apples that we picked ourselves. Becca said that sour apples (the green ones) are better for baking because (1) they withstand the heat better than red apples, and (2) the sourness of the apples and the sweetness of the sugar in the recipe balance each out better.

I always thought that brown and white sugar were interchangeable. If you needed 1 cup of white sugar, then that’s the same as 3/4 cup of brown sugar… right?!

One time in high school, I invited my best friends over to my house to make peanut butter cookies. I had no peanut butter, only almond butter. I did not have a complete set of measuring spoons – I said “just base it off of a regular spoon”. The cookies turned out okay if you ask me.

If you have a lot of dough and are worried that it’s too much. Becca took a cookie cutter to make partial circles (like in the image on the left) in order to fit it into the pan. You don’t want the edges to spill over too much when you place it into the pan.

When you’re cooking the apples, you want to wait until most of the water content has evaporated. That way when it bakes it’ll become slightly crispy.

We also used brown sugar instead of white sugar for this drizzle because we forgot to buy white sugar. It still tasted good though!

We had enough leftover dough to create one turnover. It was all really good – give this recipe a try!

Check out some behind-the-scenes footage below:

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