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January Challenge: Meditation | Challenge #005

We like to try new things, so in this series, we experiment and challenge ourselves to create new habits, find new hobbies, and learn more about ourselves. Check out our other challenges here.

Our “12 Goals in 12 Months” challenge was inspired by The Travel Hack, so thanks Monica! Although we won’t be tackling the same goals every month, we decided to do the first one together. We chose meditation. We created a video about how it went for us, so check it out!

Mobile Apps We Used

Annie used Simple Habit and Juliet used Happy Not Perfect.

Our Meditation Setup

How We Did

We realized that meditation is not just a one-and-done kind of deal. You can’t just do it for a month and expect to love it or be good at it. It really takes continuous practice and modification in order to figure out how. We both found that there are so many benefits to meditating. As we move along our meditation journey, we’ll be sure to keep you updated!

-Annie & Juliet

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