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Easy Kimbap to Satisfy Sushi Craving

Sunday, October 20, 2013

On Sunday, after a 7-hour shift at work, my friend Deepa came over (those are her feet in the black socks) and we made kimbap. Rather, she made the kimbap. I just cut the food, cooked the carrots, and flipped the eggs. She has made hundreds of kimbap before with the organization LINK (Liberty in North Korea), so I trusted that she would teach me how to make good kimbap. It’s easy to make and pretty good. Though you should try not to leave it overnight because the rice gets a little harder. Or maybe it’s just me who is really particular about food.

Makes: 9 rolls of kimbap

Step 1: Cook 3 cups of rice. When finished, mix a small dose of vinegar and sugar with the rice.
Step 2: Cut cucumbers and carrots into long strips. If you want softer carrots, you can fry them for a little bit. Don’t use too much oil, and add a little bit of water so the carrots don’t burn.
Step 3: Mix 3 eggs together.
Step 4: Use half of egg mixture to make a huge round egg. (You can kind of see what it should look like in the first picture with Deepa cooking.) In the end you should have two large, round eggs. Cut them into strips as well.
Step 5: If you like your kimbaps with more rice, cover the entire seaweed with rice. If not, cover 2/3 of the seaweed with rice.
Step 6: Put in all the ingredients – cucumbers, carrots, and eggs.
Step 7: Roll, roll, roll. If you don’t have the bamboo thing, you can use a tablecloth. Just lay a piece of saran wrap between the tablecloth and the kimbap.
Step 8: Eat! Maybe with a little sauce if you feel like it.

Have fun and be sure to post comments and suggestions on the recipe, or share your recipes with us!


Photos by Juliet

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  • Deepa

    This was a vegetarian version of kimbap (minus the pickled radish). For those that like, different types of meat such as spam or tuna or chicken can be added.

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