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Child, Make Yo Bed! | Challenge #002

We like to try new things, so in this series, we experiment and challenge ourselves to create new habits, find new hobbies, and learn more about ourselves. Check out our other challenges here.

What started out as a joke experiment knowing us and our bed-making habits (which are none), we actually ended up doing extremely well. 


  • Make bed within 3 hours of waking up
  • Take a photo
  • Bed made = laying comforter neatly over bed



Day 0: Before

Day 1

Day 6

Day 9

Day 14


My competitive side came out and I wanted to win this challenge. My motivation to make my bed every morning came partly from the fact that I had to take a photo as evidence. As much as I don’t care how my room looks when friends come over, there is a part of me that still cares a little bit how messy my bed can become. On day six, I have a badly taken photo in the dark of my mess in the corner of my bed because I forgot to take a photo within three hours of waking up. However, I did make my bed that day. On the last day, I technically didn’t make my bed because my comforter and pillow cases were out hanging to dry (I slept in the living room the night before lol). Making my bed has become a habit for me as a simple way for me to feel accomplished first thing in the morning and I hope I don’t become lazy a few weeks later.

I loved this challenge because it was an easy one to implement into my life. And since this experiment ended, I’ve still been making my bed! It’s like a little win in the morning. I consider this challenge a success!

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-Juliet & Annie

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