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Let’s Explore: Taipei Museums

Today I ventured out to check out the Fine Arts Museum and the Contemporary Arts Museum in Taipei. This day trip had been postponed a few times due to poor weather (aka rain) but finally decent weather came around.

The trip

Taipei is about an hour train ride from Zhongli. After getting off the train, I take the subway (called MRT here) a few stops on the red line to Yuanshan station. From there it’s a short walk to the Fine Arts Museum. Because it was a weekday, there weren’t many people so I was able to take good photos.

Taipei Expo Park
Taipei Expo Park

I walked pass the Taipei Expo Park where children ran around, many people rode bikes, and old people sat at benches, enjoying the nice (albeit slightly humid) day.

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White square building is the Fine Arts Museum & Grand Hotel in the background
Taipei Fine Arts museum

Museum tickets were really cheap; this museum only cost me $30 NTD which is about $1 USD. There were only three exhibits on display, so I was able to go through each one at a decent pace.

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Delay and Pit by Yu-Ping Kuo
Man in Camera by Hiraki Sawa

Melancholy Field by Cheng-Ren Hung

The moment I saw this piece, I thought, “wow, this is so cool”. I’ve never seen this type of technique done before where there are multiple layers of the same photograph. Cheng-Ren Hung added texture and dimension to this piece by crumpling certain areas of the photo and layering it on top. It gives the photograph almost like a 3D effect. This piece was my favorite one.

Land of Deities No.1 by Kuo-Chun Chiu

This piece is a combination of photo printed on silk and embroidery. I appreciated the use of two different media to create an interesting piece that gives a pop of color.

This exhibit reminded me of my film photography days in College. I miss it!

After spending about 2 hours at the Fine Arts museum, I took the MRT to the Contemporary Arts Museum. This museum is much smaller, but cost a bit more at $50 NTD (~$1.60 USD). I will admit that I didn’t know half of what was going on because there wasn’t a pamphlet describing each exhibit, so I spent most of the time just enjoying what I was seeing.

Overall, I enjoyed walking through both museums and taking the time to appreciate these artists and their work. I look forward to visiting other museums in Taipei in the future!

I hope you enjoyed this quick post about my experience at the Fine Arts Museum and the Contemporary Arts Museum in Taipei. Have you been to any museums in Taipei? If so, which ones did you like the best?  If not, which ones do you want to visit?


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