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A Quick Layover in Zhongli, Taiwan

Watch me surprise Juliet at the airport! We also went to the night market, tried a bunch of food and gave them our ratings. Check it out!

Night Market Food Ratings 2.png

In Zhongli, 中原 (Zhongyuan) night market is crowded regardless of the day of the week. It is located right by Zhongyuan University which makes the night market a popular spot for students to grab some dinner and do a little bit of shopping. Not only are there many food options to pick from, you can also find clothing stores, jewelry, phone accessories, and more! Definitely a must to go check out if you are in town.

I’m one of those people who don’t eat too much when it’s hot because the food makes me feel weighed down. I also become short-tempered in places of high humidity because I get super uncomfortable sweating out of all the pores in my body. And man, was Taiwan freakin’ HOT AND HUMID.

Nevertheless, I had a great time eating at the night market, doing some beauty shopping (just wait for that video), and meeting Annie’s friend Daisy. I already want to go back to Taiwan again!

For those that want to look up more information on the places we ate at:

  1. 鳥蛋達人
  2. 阿文蔥抓餅
  3. 御冠園鮮肉湯包
  4. 皇后先生
  5. 第一鹽酥雞香雞排

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