Latest in Podcasts (May 2019)

If you want to listen to real-life stories about conmen, cold cases, and murder…

Over My Dead Body is about Dan and Wendi, who were both lawyers and married with two kids. After a bitter extended divorce, Dan is found dead on his driveway, shot at close range. Who did it? Many signs lead back to Wendi’s overly protective family. Trial is set for summer of 2019.

Dr. Death is about Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a highly acclaimed neurosurgeon practicing in Dallas. Don’t know why he was highly acclaimed because he left multiple dozens of patients paralyzed for life, and at least 2 died after surgeries he performed. How was he able to operate for so long? What’s that to say about the medical system that was supposed to protect the patients?

Cold is about the cold case of Susan Powell, who disappeared from her home in Utah in December 2009. What happened to her? Where did she go? Many people focused in on her husband Josh, and revisited their odd marriage. Then one day, he takes their two children, and blow them all up in a house. Crazy.

Who the Hell is Hamish? is an Australian conman who swindled his victims out of more than $7 million. At one point, he married a woman, and ended up stealing his stepson’s girlfriend (he was dad age while she was not even out of high school). Worse, he ended up swindling his new young girlfriend’s grandparents out of their life savings! Who the hell was this guy??

Root of Evil is about the family of George Hodel, who is the most likely murderer of The Black Dahlia. This podcast is hosted by the great-granddaughters of George Hodel, Rasha and Yvette, and they dive deep into the family history. They do touch upon The Black Dahlia, but there’s so much more craziness that has happened in that family. A very personal and up-close look at how a family history, and how they move forward with what they know.

If you want a break from all the gory podcasts I just recommended or the crazy politics of today…

Remember Eric from That 70s Show? That’s Topher.

In this podcast, his producer Sim Sarna chooses an activity for him and his guest to do, like take a lie detector test with Whitney Cummings or narrate movie trailers with Wilmer Valderrama. Totally random, really fun, always a good laugh.

If you love hearing new ideas about self-improvement and productivity…

Not Overthinking is a weekly podcast about two brothers talking about happiness, creativity, and the human condition. They have discussions based on a question that is posed at the beginning. Some include, “Why do we struggle with motivation?” and “What makes an awkward silence?” I enjoy listening to their opinions and thoughts because they both have interesting backgrounds that to me, are pretty unique. One is a doctor and YouTuber, the other is a data scientist and writer.

Forever35 is about self-care and skincare. I like the mixture of topics Kate and Doree talk about, from mental health to what new moisturizer products they recommend.

On Purpose is by Jay Shetty, who has insightful conversations with guests each episode on topics about self-improvement and human behavior.

Personal Best is about two dudes who try to help someone solve a problem in an entertaining way. They find unconventional methods that sometimes doesn’t work out. What I like about this podcast is even if they don’t end up successful in solving the specific problem, they still come out learning something new.

What podcasts or podcast episodes have you been enjoying lately?

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