At last… landed in Sydney!

I left LAX on Monday, January 6th at 11:30 AM on a China Eastern aircraft. I have never heard of China Eastern before this past summer and expected their service to be crappy, but I am happy to state that I have been proven wrong. On both my flights, the attendants were friendly and the flight wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be.

Flight from Los Angeles to Shanghai Pudong- I was sitting in the middle section in the aisle seat, and it turns out that the two middle seats were empty! That was the only good part. I was seated two rows behind the bassinet row with three crying babies. And the man that sat behind me always grabbed my seat whenever he wanted to stand up or sit down. Couldn’t sleep on that flight.

From Shanghai Pudong to Sydney- I was situated in the last row of the plane in an aisle seat in the side section. That’s miserable enough. I tried sleeping in so many positions, and I’m sure I made the guy sitting next to me feel pretty uncomfortable. Sorry!

I met up with Kaitie at Sydney International and we took a taxi together to BU Centre. We weren’t sure if we needed to tip, so we asked our taxi driver and he said yes. I asked one of the directors later and he said we didn’t. Whoops.

After that, it was nonstop. There was a debriefing for housing and stuff, then learning more about our internship interviews, then we had a neighborhood tour, then we had $3 tacos at The Abercrombie. Then came back and I basically crashed. And here we are today.

To be continued…

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